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Trampas /Leonardo Mtn Run report

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  • Ginny La Forme
    Hi Folks, The second annual Trampas /Leonardo run took place quietly and in beauty last Saturday in the snow frosted Sangre de Cristos. Tom Sobal apparently
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2002
      Hi Folks,

      The second annual Trampas /Leonardo run took place quietly and in
      beauty last Saturday in the snow frosted Sangre de Cristos.
      Tom Sobal apparently succumbed to the lure of Burritos and Doughnuts
      that also drew Phil away to the Big Tesuque WEENIE RUN. The Minion Of
      Satan from Boulder must have been warned by one of the former New
      Mexican victims up there.
      But the Brave (Jennifer and Ariel=K9, and Matt Heavner and Kita=K9,
      having done part of the route before), the Innocent(Mike Donovan, who
      had no clue what he was getting into)and the Foolish(Old Backwards Mark
      Dorion, who should have known better by now) showed up.
      Everyone seemed to be suckered in by the lovely enjoyable 6 miles of
      trail up to Trampas Lakes. The aspens were golden, the oaks were flaming
      and the weather was crisp and clear. I urged everyone on and took up the
      rear behind Ol' Backwards. We were both milking our excuses of cramps
      and trail gymnastics from last weeks S. Baldy escapade.
      At the lake we came upon Matt wandering a bit aimlessly as he prepared
      to refill his filter bottle. The 3 of us whacked the bushes up to the
      "dreaded coulour" and attempted to avoid decapitating each other with
      loose rocks, as the snow managed to cover the best footing on the route.
      Jennifer was lurking at the saddle and the K9 division proceded down the
      ridge on the "standard route". The Truchas Peak option is not the most
      dog friendly route imaginable and Matt had a plane to make.
      As I started up the ridge after Ol' Backwards I could see the stick
      figure silhouette that could only be Mike, waving it's arms around and
      heading back to the last summit where it seemed to be waiting for us.
      When we got up there I asked him innocently if he'd already been to the
      summit. But, "No way! It's steep! I didn't know where to go". In his
      wisdom he decided we could all continue together. It only took a little
      friendly persuasion on my part to convince my companions that the thrill
      of summiting was worth clambering up the somewhat loose and exposed 3'd
      class on the final pitches.
      We spent a while on the summit, absorbing the snow streaked beauty of
      the other Truchas Peaks and chatting with 3 climbers who amazingly
      happened to be at that usually lonely spot. Mike had been worried about
      the down climb, but in spite of his worn out, toeless old road shoes he
      managed just fine and we were soon groping down our even snowier and
      steeper descent coulour to San Leonardo Lakes. A darker, more forboding
      spot I've never seen in Mew Mexico. The Lake is ringed by an ampitheatre
      of avalanche chutes that have dumped twisted silver logs to jut out of
      the still black waters of the lake. Not really the place to camp, if you
      ask me.
      The Leonardo trail has not been maintained in recent years, so it's
      mostly cross country at the top, but on the lower section we ran in to a
      party of hikers who had been joined by a friendly hound wearing a radio
      collar. The hound had the name Torrez and the address Cordova NM on his
      collar. I told Mark it had to be a relative of Local national class
      mountain runner Leo Torrez. Sure enough, a few switchbacks later we met
      up with the owner, out tracking a bear and holding what looked like a
      miniature tv antenna. He was Leo's cousin.
      When we got down to the smooth and easy part of the trail 'Ol
      Backwards did his Jackrabbit metamorphosis and went sprinting off down
      the jeep road. Mike gallantly stayed with me and we took the very over
      and undergrown and almost un-findable trail section, surprising Ol'
      Jackrabbit Dorion by arriving at the finish just a few minutes after
      Jennifer and Ariel were waiting in cozy comfort for us, Jennifer
      having learned from her recent experience waiting at Santa Barbara til
      almost dark for the last runner.
      So now we have new records for both the "standard" and "enhanced"
      versions of the (new name) Truchas Peak run, as follows:
      Standard 15m + -
      Jennifer Leon 36 and Ariel 3? 4:36 Womens open and Female
      Matt Heavner 31 and Kita 5 4:36 Mens open and Male Canine

      Enhanced-including N Truchas Pk 17.1 m (according to OBJ Dorion)-----

      OBJ Dorion (to old to count) mens open and master 5:51:51
      Mike Donovan 50 mens semi ancient(50+) 5:58:23
      Ginny La Forme 52 womens open and semi ancient
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