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  • Rich Limacher
    Silverton Standard & The Miner P.O. Box 8 Silverton, CO 81433 October 2, 2002 Dear Editor: As you know, this past summer saw the cancellation of the Hardrock
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2002
      Silverton Standard & The Miner
      P.O. Box 8
      Silverton, CO 81433

      October 2, 2002

      Dear Editor:

      As you know, this past summer saw the cancellation of the
      Hardrock 100 footrace, as well as other events local to
      Silverton and vicinity, due primarily to forest fires in
      Colorado and their understandable ramifications.

      As you may or may not know, most of the Hardrock runners and
      their pacers, crews, friends, families, and many volunteers
      and their friends and families usually rely on Silverton's
      generally hospitable hotel and motel accommodations in order
      to participate in this annual (July) event; and, when it had
      to be cancelled due to those circumstances that no one could
      control, almost all of your town's hotels and motels allowed
      these visitors to cancel their reservations and have any or
      all of their deposits refunded.

      But this has not been the case with The Wyman Hotel & Inn at
      1371 Greene Street.

      Not only did The Wyman, by suddenly invoking some sort of
      30-days'-notice-in-order-to-cancel policy, effectively
      ignore the cancellation of my household's reservation and
      keep our deposit, but the proprietors later proceeded behind
      our backs to make yet another charge to our credit card for
      the full remainder of our cancelled stay.

      We feel such a "policy"--if it is or can legally be a policy
      at all--is completely unfair and runs absolutely contrary to
      the people-oriented service interests of any community that
      relies so heavily on visitors and tourists for its economic
      well-being to begin with. At the very least, the public
      should be informed about such practices before anyone else
      discovers their money has been seized using the excuse of
      such "policy."

      I would welcome any responses from anyone wishing to defend
      The Wyman in these actions, and I would also like to inquire
      if anyone thinks such a policy is good for any hospitality
      business or for the economic best interests of your
      otherwise fine town.

      In their own defense, I'm sure The Wyman's proprietors will
      argue that in lieu of refunding our money they issued a
      "certificate" allowing what would amount to a discount on
      future stays. However, the value of this "certificate" does
      not equal the amount they took from us, it can be used just
      partially for stays in both 2003 and 2004 only, and in order
      to be redeemed additional monies must be paid to them by us
      beforehand. Furthermore, (see
      their property is for sale! We don't know that The Wyman
      will even exist in both 2003 and 2004. As such, their
      supposed resolution of our dispute is something to which we
      would never agree. Would anyone?

      I am appending certain documentation that you may or may not
      choose to publish in your newspaper, but it serves to state
      our dispute as briefly and accurately as possible. This
      information has already been filed with the Silverton Area
      Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau Serving
      the Four Corners/Western Slope area of Colorado, New Mexico,
      and vicinity.

      Most sincerely,
      Rich Limacher
      [address & telephone as shown below]


      BBB The Better Business Bureau
      Serving Four Corners & Western Slope, CO

      Your complaint has been filed. If you have any questions
      about the complaint,
      please feel free to contact us at (505) 326-6501.

      Mail sent
      The following mail was sent to
      Mr. Richard Limacher
      3813 West 216th Street
      Matteson, Illinois 60443
      Country: US
      Other Country:
      Day Phone: 708-481-9469 Ext:
      Evening Phone: 708-747-7868
      FAX Number: 708-747-7868

      The Wyman Hotel & Inn
      1371 Greene Street, P.O. Box 780
      Silverton, Colorado 81433
      Country: US
      Phone Number: 970-387-5372
      FAX Number: 970-387-5745
      Internet Address:

      My wife and I cancelled a reservation with this hotel to
      whom a substantial deposit had been paid via my wife's
      Discover credit card. The Wyman's published cancellation
      policy specifies advance notice of 14 days is required to
      cancel to receive a refund, less a service fee. We did this
      some 15 days in advance of arrival, and The Wyman issued us
      a cancellation number (#0626TL). However, instead of
      crediting back a refund, less service fee, The Wyman
      assessed a further charge against our credit card for the
      entire duration of the now-cancelled stay! This, we feel,
      without our authorization amounts to theft.
      The Wyman maintains that
      we transferred our stay to different dates and cancelled
      that stay without giving them 30 days notice, and apparently
      that is the stay they are charging us for. However, this
      second reservation was never confirmed, never given a new
      reservation number, and we cancelled it later that same day.
      Again, no res/cancel numbers were assigned to this
      tentative, unconfirmed alternative stay. We complied with
      their 14-day-in-advance requirement for cancelling the only
      reservation we did indeed have, and we have every reason to
      expect our refund, less fee. There is no justification
      whatsoever for this newly imposed 30-day-in-advance
      cancellation requirement.
      Date occurred: July 30, 2002 (phone call to Wyman after
      receiving their "letter" of July 14)
      Date(s) complained to Company: July 30, 2002, per above
      phone call approx. 5 p.m. CDT
      To Whom: Tom Lewis
      Product/Service involved: hotel accommodations
      Brand Name of Manufacturer: The Wyman Hotel & Inn
      Model Name or Number: Confirmation #04010711
      Date Purchased: April 1, 2002
      Order, Contract, Acct or Policy#: Cancellation #0626TL
      (effective June 26, 2002)
      Name of Salesperson: Tom Lewis
      Has this gone to court?: NO
      Have you already paid for the product or service?: paid
      Purchase Price: $430.16 (deposit $234.14 + balance $196.02)
      Amount in Dispute: $410.16
      Method of Payment: credit card
      Desired Settlement: refund
      Other Settlement: We wish this $410.16 to be credited back
      to Beth L. Limacher's Discover credit card account. (The
      total amount charged by The Wyman less their $20
      cancellation fee.)
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