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HR 100 2002 II

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  • Hans-Dieter Weisshaar
    Dear friends, Molly and Athina (the dogs), Lisa and Charlie (the dog owners and HR-Board members) and Susi (the dogless crew) started me on Monday, 15th of
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 20, 2002
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      Dear friends,

      Molly and Athina (the dogs), Lisa and Charlie (the dog
      owners and HR-Board members) and Susi (the dogless
      crew) started me on Monday, 15th of July in front of
      the Silverton high school at 0600 for running the
      Hardrock 100. I was back there after 46 hours, 7
      minutes and 58 seconds, making the bell of the first
      congregation in front of the high school singing. I
      was singing too and happy happy happy.

      This is the short version.

      The long one deals with the mistakes I made in 2001
      and more details of the 2002 HR 100 second attempt.

      I did HR in 2000 in about 45 hours and it was fun and
      happiness only. I got a slot in 2001 and DNF after
      almost 42 hours (the longest training run I did ever)
      missing the Cunningham cutoff.

      I made many mistakes that year:
      1. Hybris
      I was all the time sure to finish, arrogant. Even
      leaving Sherman with 30 miles to go and 15 hours left
      I was convinced to make 2 miles per hour easily. I did
      2. Drinking
      I did not follow my drinking schedule and dried. A
      beginner mistake, which weakens me.
      3. Eating
      I did not eat enough during the race. I chewed the
      nice bagel, I got at Sherman for hours and was unable
      to swallow it. A beginner mistake.
      4. Course exploring
      I came too late to Silverton from Leadville and did
      not explore the Pole Creek to Cunningham course. I was
      sure to make that part during daylight. I did not and
      got lost several times before Maggies and after
      Maggies as well. I used a LED-light only and did not
      carry a halogen for better finding the long distance
      markers at night.
      5. Schedule
      I did not taking care of John Cappis 48 hour schedule,
      most likely the biggest mistake. I didn't realize that
      I was more than 2 hours behind his recommendations.
      6. Rest times
      I spent in 2000 131 minutes in aid stations, 59
      minutes of them in KT with Susi, Lisa, Kathy etc.
      waiting for the end of heavy raining.
      I fooled around in 2002 160 minutes until Maggies! In
      Telluride and Sherman I also was waiting for the end
      of rain.
      7. Hypothermia
      I got wet after Sherman in heavy rain (just behind
      Keith Knipling and his pacing father Gary). Shivering
      and hoping for sun. I got finally some sunshine and
      back to normal temperature at Pole creek, Keith did
      not recover from hypothermia.

      Down at Cunningham Road after passing Jim Sweatt I had
      wonderful hallucinations: Paintings on the white
      stones of the road. I can tell for hours about that.
      It was not threatened at all, I liked it. Finally Susi
      and Ginny got me on the road before reaching the
      Cunningham Aid Station. They collected Jim later too.

      My consequences of the mistakes for 2002:
      1. Never be sure to make it before reaching the
      2. Drink 6 sips every 15 minutes during the entire
      races. Drink two FULL cups at every aid station. I am
      drinking 90 % electrolytes and the rest Mountain Diew
      or a bit Coke. No water.
      3. Eat! I got the idea for better swallowing the
      calories to drink Ensure plus (about 300 calories per
      can) at each Aid station. Big mistake. I never tried
      that in training, which was another beginner mistake
      as running a race with new shoes.
      After the cancellation of the race I made deposits on
      all aid points, Susi couldn't reach, containing one or
      two Ensure plus, a bar and electrolyte powder.
      4. I explored the entire 100 miles at least once, most
      of it twice. When I learned about the cancellation and
      no markers, I put the expected night sections into my
      5. I memorized Johns 48 hour pace schedule and was
      able to tell it immediately even if you would wake me
      up during night. I analyzed it (which could be another
      article) more intensively:
      The first 35 miles until Burrows the average speed was
      3 miles (exactly 2,99) per hour; Burrows to Ouray 1,81
      mph; Ouray to Telluride 2,2 mph and finally Telluride
      to Silverton just 1,63 mph. The typical
      marathon-syndrome: Starting too fast (John compiled
      the times from the finisher 47:30 to 48 hours) and
      getting weaker and weaker. I planned to be slower the
      first 35 miles and getting a bit faster than the
      schedule later. I hoped for a later two hour cushion
      (I totally unrealisticly dreamed about a 42 hour
      finish, arriving at midnight and sleeping, but this
      will never happen; happy John DeWalt!).
      6. I planned to cut down the rest times below 90
      minutes. Unforgettable the first words of Karl at the
      awards: "Im am more proud about my 19 minutes at aid
      stations (actually it was 22) than the 26:39."
      Leave the aid stations even if it is raining and
      storming. I trained with Susi to change dresses, shoes
      and gaiters, run in detail to the crewing stuff.
      7. Never get wet cloths and carry even more than you
      will need (watch Liz and Rick!).

      Well prepared I dropped on Friday 12th weak and
      powerless, unable and unwilling to jog the Sherman
      Road downhill after about 33 miles. I assume the
      Ensure plus has killed me, as I did some days ago in
      training the route from Stoney pass intersection with
      Cunningham road to Grouse in good shape, climbing
      Handies from Burrows in 2:13. The difference: During
      the training run I had just 1,5 liters of fluid and
      just two bars or 500 calories the entire day and I
      felt strong and jumped down Handies.

      I rested two more days and tried again without Ensure
      plus but "normal" food and was happy to make it.

      1. Handies via Boulder Gulch
      2. Aid at Ouray Bear Creek Trailhead replacing
      Engineers (9 minutes are in the Ouray 15 minutes - see
      table below)
      3. Turnaround in Ouray at hot springs pavilion instead
      of Box Canyon.
      4. No snow at Virginius, the climbing of the three
      steps was very, very strenuous.
      5. Climbing Grant Swamp was hazardous. High speed
      falling rocks close to me. There is no chance to move
      away quickly standing in steep sand or scree.
      6. Ironically I got lost in the dark in the same area
      again as in 2000:"However, the storm that caught the
      second night runners in 2000 left clouds hanging on
      the route that kept the runners lights from picking up
      the next markers" (John Cappis in the official 2001
      brochure). The runners were Colin Kingsford and his
      pacer Sabin Sema and me (and maybe others). I found
      Porcupine Saddle finally by GPS, crossed Cataract
      Basin "unconventionally", goaled to Putnam-Cataract
      Ridge to low and missed it. I stumbled around for an
      hour in steep scree, sand and grass until I finally
      found Putnam Creek and the beginning of the trail down
      to Putnam Basin.
      (Listen to your wife and follow her:"Hans, you should
      explore that night part from KT to Silverton during
      the night and not at daylight only." Smart wife!)
      7. I got aid by Susi at Cunningham, Maggies (with
      Lisa), Grouse, Bear Creek Trailhead, Ouray, Telluride,
      Chapman (Susi hiked in) and KT (hiking too). Susi did
      an awesome crewing, I never would have made it without
      her. Overall aid station time: 79 minutes.
      8. After finishing I went into the RV bed and Susi
      drove the car in front of Charlies house. 30 seconds
      after stopping the RV, at about 4:20 in the morning
      Lisa knocked at the door: "Hey, Hans, did you make
      it?" It was hug # 66, a bit longer as usual.

      Silverton 0600
      Cunningham 0908 0912
      Maggies 1138 1143
      Pole 1304 1304
      Sherman 1548 1548
      Handies 1912
      Grouse 2058 2112
      Oh point 2322
      Engin. 0006 0006
      Ouray 0307 0322 (incl. 9 min at Bear Creek TH)
      Governor 0634 0634
      Virginius 0840 0840
      Telluride 1006 1025
      Chapman 1518 1524
      KT 2011 2025
      Putnam 0109 0109
      Silverton 040758

      Finally: No stomach problem at all, not for a second.
      I drunk Gatorade and diluted between the crewing
      points electrolyte powder with untreated water from
      the creeks. It worked.
      Susis food was great, especially he home made goulash
      soup. I carried bars (Cliff, Powerbar, Homerun,
      Muesli) and GU and Hammergel between crewpoints.
      I felt perfect until Ouray, then I got weak all the
      uphills. I was able to jog and run all downhills
      without breaks and finally got a three hour cushion to
      Johns schedule. I lost one hour when getting lost and
      took it easy Putnam down (during the race I hate the
      rocky part of this trail, there was no Dave "the
      Gentleman" Capron leading me down to the finish line.
      I never found worldwide any comparable or longer rocky
      section of a trail).
      The ability to run the downhills made me finishing
      under 48 hours.

      THANKS to

      Gordon, who created, John, Charlie and Rick, who
      implemented, and the Board, who is maintaining the

      John for all his incredible work and input in the
      trail description and schedule, I was using

      Charlie for his marking lessons and discussions. I
      felt always like home again, when I found lost
      Charlie-markers on the trail: many of them up Cataract
      lake and in Boulder Gulch to Handies,

      Lisa, which needs no further explanation, a real

      Liz and Rick, they appeared Friday night in full
      equipment for pacing me over Engineers (I was sleeping
      exhausted and deep),

      all the friends I remembered during the lonely trip,
      making me going and going:
      Matt, Colin (and some miles suffering Aki) during the
      first night over Engineers in 2000,
      Kathy up Grant Swamp in 2000 "Hey, Kathy, keep up to
      me, come on!" I had no idea, who she was!,
      Ginny at several places and over the Sherman log
      (there is a bridge now!)
      Scott Eppleman from exploring up to Oscar's,
      unforgettable Crampon-Rich "the troubadour",
      and many, many others of the unique Hardrock
      And Susi.

      By the way:
      I will hike some miles tomorrow at 0600 from the
      Silverton high school clockwise. Finally Susi has
      agreed to crew me some places as far as I can get. She
      really must love me.

      Hans "the German"

      Do You Yahoo!?
      Yahoo! Health - Feel better, live better
    • Stevan Pattillo
      Hans, I both admire and envy you for this accomplishment. Congratulations! Steve Pattillo
      Message 2 of 3 , Jul 22, 2002
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        Hans, I both admire and envy you for this accomplishment. Congratulations!
        Steve Pattillo
      • Stephen ,Sherry Mahieu
        I have not had the pleasure of meeting you and am thinking this very moment what an amazing performance you had at Vermont. I suppose what amazes me the most
        Message 3 of 3 , Jul 22, 2002
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          I have not had the pleasure of meeting you and am thinking this very moment what an amazing performance you had at Vermont. I suppose what amazes me the most is how fast and strong you are in the mountains as well as your speed on the the flats. You must have an identical twin that you have not told us about.

          What a terrific day!
          Sherry Kae Mahieu

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          Hans, I both admire and envy you for this accomplishment. Congratulations!
          Steve Pattillo

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