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Fw: Catra ultrarunner/ultraclimber...........

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  • Rich Limacher
    I ve never met anyone for whom, I think, I might possibly predict that HRH is a gimme. Until now. Of course, I haven t met Catra yet. (I just want to touch
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 26, 2002
      I've never met anyone for whom, I think, I might possibly
      predict that HRH is a "gimme."

      Until now.

      Of course, I haven't met Catra yet.

      (I just want to touch the hem of her garment...

      ...and be heeled.)

      Rich "Firestorm" Limacher

      Yankee Folly of the Day:
      Rock climbing.

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      Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2002 1:58 AM
      Subject: Catra ultrarunner/ultraclimber...........

      > Hi Listers-
      > I did something so amazing this past weekend!!!!
      > It all started back in May when i met and ran with Leo
      > Lutz at Massanutten for 74 miles. We talked about
      > everything. He mentioned he rock climbed. That stuck
      > in my head.
      > I had been training on my days off in Yosemite Valley
      > the past month. I encountered and met many climbers.
      > They remind me alot of us ultrarunners very cool nice
      > and friendly people.
      > I had been hanging out at what is called Camp 5. This
      > is my home when I'm chillin in the valley. Camp 4 the
      > climbers camp is way to packed so you can't even get a
      > site there. This is how camp 5 started just a group
      > of climbers who camp out together. I can't tell you
      > where it is kind of a secret, plus i don't want to get
      > anyone in trouble.
      > The climbers in the valley who i have met the past few
      > weeks thought i was crazy. They can't belive i go out
      > and run 40 miles in training in the valley then go out
      > and run the next day 25 miles.
      > It's funny they think I'm so amazing running and
      > training for 100 mile races.
      > They to me are the most amazing athletes.
      > There sport is very dangerous you can be seriously
      > injured or die doing what they do.
      > You must trust each other climbing. That is what it
      > is all about trust.
      > So, after meeting Leo at Massanutten he decided he
      > would come out for a visit in California. He really
      > wanted to go to Yosemite to see all the places his
      > idols have climbed.
      > I told myself a month ago i would become a Rock
      > climber in a year. Well little did i know i would
      > become one three weeks later.
      > Leo decided i would be totally capable climbing the
      > Southwest face of Half Dome The Snake Dike route.
      > He knew and read everything about climbing that route.
      > I agreed to do it. He was very confident i could do
      > it.
      > I was at camp 5 telling all the climbers i was going
      > to be climbing Snake Dike as my first climb, they to
      > thought if anyone could do it as a first climb the
      > crazy 100 mile girl could do it. I trusted what they
      > said.
      > Leo e-mailed info about the route. At no time did i
      > ever think i could not do it. It is like running 100
      > miles you just do it and have the most fun you can.
      > Last Tuesday i walked into a place called Sunrise
      > mountaineering. I told the sales guy Scott. I needed
      > a harness, helmet, shoes and a chalk bag.
      > He thought i was just getting new gear. I told him no
      > i didn't have any gear. I was planing on climbing the
      > Snake dike route for my very first climb. His jaw
      > dropped. I then told him i ran 100 mile races. He
      > was in shock! He then said that of course i would
      > have no problem climbing.
      > He set me up with the perfect gear for my climb.
      > Leo arrived on Wed. night we would leave Thursday.
      > He told me he would wait until Friday night after our
      > 31 mile run in Yosemite, to let me know what i needed
      > to know for the climb.
      > We had a great run did the double HD-CR back to the
      > valley.
      > Friday night-
      > Leo showed me how to operate the belay device and told
      > me the most important thing never let go of the break
      > hand. At this point it was all clear i would have to
      > responsible for his life out there. We would have to
      > trust each other.
      > We hung out with our buddies at camp 5. Everyone was
      > really excited for me. I told only a few friends at
      > home and i think they thought i was crazy.
      > Saturday- "Climb" "climbing"..........
      > The hardest part was getting to the location of the
      > climb. We got lost and were bush wacking up class 4
      > slopes. This is where i was really scared. I thought
      > oh shit, if I'm scarred now how the hell am i going
      > to climb up the mountain.
      > We finally made it 4 hours 10 min. To the climbing
      > area. We had two parties in front and one behind us.
      > I told the party ahead it was my first climb she gave
      > me a few pointers. The guy with the party behind me,
      > his name was Rich also sheared some advise with me on
      > my first climb. Everyone seemed so impressed by what
      > i was about to do as a first climb.
      > Leo taught me the basic signals like "on belay" the
      > question a climber ask before he proceeds.
      > "Belay on" , slack, uprope, watch me, belay off and
      > off belay.
      > Leo headed up to place pro along the way. Finally it
      > was my turn the first and the third were the
      > cruxes:the hard parts. I made it up ok to the first
      > pitch and was surprised i was not afraid.
      > The thing with climbing you must always pay attention.
      > On the second pitch i dropped the most important
      > device the belay. Oops.....
      > Rich the guy behind us had an extra. Thank god.
      > The third pitch was the crux. I felt stuck. I was
      > afraid to move to far from bolt hold. This part was a
      > 5.7 friction move I had to do what is called smearing.
      > It is pushing your foot against rock to increase
      > friction. I finally made it through that move. i was
      > never once afraid i would die out there.
      > I trusted my leader and myself. I also learned to
      > trust the shoes.
      > We finally made it to the top. I felt that same high
      > you get after running 100 miles. Well actually it was
      > more intense. Maybe because it was my first climb.
      > Or maybe it is a new addiction for me.
      > We finally made it back to camp 5 14.5 hours later
      > what a long day. It was a climbing ultra.
      > I think i found a new drug.
      > Thanks to Leo for putting The Snake Dike climb in my
      > brain and believing in me to do it.
      > Thanks to the camp 5 guys for thinking I'm wacky and
      > know i could do it.
      > Next big Climb Royal Arches Route in Yosemite after
      > Hardrock.
      > That was my taper for WST can anyone top that????
      > Look for me at Squaw Valley, i will be the chick on
      > the climbing wall at the resort on Thursday and
      > Friday.
      > Luv, Catra
      > ultra climber

      Footnote: Chumpin' Cheezesiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Add'l. Footnote: I can't wait to start shopping for all the
      mountain climbing jewelry that Catra's bound to promote for
      some climbing shoe company!
    • Stevan Pattillo
      Healed or well heeled?
      Message 2 of 3 , Jun 26, 2002
        Healed or well heeled?
      • Rich Limacher
        Both!* Consider the possibilities... ??? Sorry, won t see you next month, Steve. Now I guess I have to keep up my herculean training regime for another whole
        Message 3 of 3 , Jun 26, 2002

          Consider the possibilities... ???

          Sorry, won't see you next month, Steve. Now I guess I have
          to keep up my herculean training regime for another whole


          *Actually, on second glance, there's 4 possible

          1) "heeled" = kicked for fondling her garment
          2) "healed" = cured, as Jesus is said to have done
          3) "well-heeled" = made rich (which, of course, I already
          am, no?)
          4) "well-heeled" = kicked by her high-priced Montrails


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          > Healed or well heeled?
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