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Re: Firestorm of Controversy!

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  • cappis
    Rich et al. The Dever Post had an article on Thursday relating to the train closure between Durango and Silverton.... The topic was that the previous day
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 21, 2002
      Rich et al.

      The Dever Post had an article on Thursday relating to the train
      closure between Durango and Silverton.... The topic was that the
      previous day resources were diverted from the Missionary Ridge Fire
      to put out a fire started by sparks from the train. It was shortly
      after that the train annouced it would limit the runs to the Durango-
      Hermosa route.


      --- In hr100@y..., "Rich Limacher" <thetroubadour@p...> wrote:
      > (I love it.)
      > Free and heated debate is what makes democracy work. I am
      > so glad we don't live under a dictator.
      > And, in similar fashion, I am ever and increasingly more
      > grateful that no one who's fired back responses to my ass is
      > a dictator either.
      > Friends,
      > Let me clarify my position and bias.
      > I'm on the side of the train maybe because I've been to
      > ghost towns. (In fact, there's one on the Leadville
      > course.) If Silverton becomes a ghost town, I honestly
      > believe we could kiss Hardrock good-bye. Maybe this is a
      > needless fear, judging from the levels of grit and
      > determination I find among our supporters who live there,
      > but I also believe that many years ago there were parents
      > and grandparents who had similar fears about mining.
      > But mostly, I think, I'm on the side of the train because my
      > grandfather was a steam locomotive engineer. I don't
      > believe his railroad ever started a forest fire. Of course,
      > on the other hand, I'm also thinking that a lot of the
      > poisonous stuff they used to use to keep the track areas
      > clear of vegetation has since been outlawed by the E.P.A.
      > So, what do we do? I don't know. But I am not in favor of
      > stopping trains. Or planes. I might not even be here if my
      > grandfather had not found work.
      > That said, here's more of what I believe:
      > Yes, we can run our footrace in the middle of nowhere
      > without any nearby town to support it.
      > But no, I don't like to see the lives of honest workers
      > ruined by policy dictated by any political interests that
      > don't have honest work at heart.
      > Yes, I understand that the D&SNGRR decided to stop operating
      > voluntarily. And yes, I also understand the sometimes shady
      > make-a-buck rationale behind management policies (e.g.,
      > cheaper to pay for forest fires than clear brush from the
      > tracks). But, no, I'm not going to change my mind and urge
      > that the train stops permanently. If the railroad people
      > are willing to pause until the heat blows over, that's fine.
      > But if any other unrelated folk beyond the borders want to
      > dictate such arbitrary policy on a regular basis, I'll fight
      > them to the ends of the earth.
      > I believe in self rule.
      > I rule myself, and I expect everyone else to do likewise.
      > So, if indeed the tinder is much too dry, let those who
      > depend on the fireplace decide not to light it.
      > It's OK. I'm not mad. Not even at the writer (kept
      > anonymous) who sent me the message I've appended below.
      > Sorry also if you're all thinking that I'm thinking there
      > must be a government conspiracy. Personally, in this case,
      > I'm thinking the government is too stupid to come up with a
      > conspiracy that quick. But I'm not so naive to think our
      > government is incapable of mapping one out over time.
      > If you think railroad managers think it's cheaper to let
      > forests burn than to clean up their tracks, you may also be
      > willing to believe it's better to allow a foreign country to
      > attack our harbor than it is to stay out of a world war.
      > So here's why I don't generally trust government as a matter
      > of course: It's usually made up of too many people who
      > think like that.
      > Generally, I trust the press not the government. I have
      > worked for a few newspapers. I studied journalism in
      > school. On the umpteenth anniversary of "Watergate" this
      > month, I said a prayer of thanks for the Washington Post.
      > Okay, back to reading the Durango Herald.
      > And, lordy, I certainly do still hope and pray that our
      > government decides NOT to stop our runs through such, yes,
      > admittedly dry woods.
      > Very cautiously and suspiciously yours,
      > Rich Limacher
      > TheTroubadour@p...
      > [here below is a pearl of reasoning that even I could never
      > imagine--coming from a fellow ultrarunner, that is]
      > __________________________________
      > Rich - You obviously don't know much about trains or fires.
      > Devestating
      > fires out here have been caused by many people who were
      > unable to simply
      > "stop, hop off, and put the lousy spark out." If only it
      > were that easy. In
      > addition, nobody is forcing the railroad to stop at this
      > point; as I
      > understand it, the issue is simply being debated by the
      > newspaper and other
      > interested parties. Quit trying to find evidence of some
      > gov'mnt conspiracy
      > when there is none.
      > And if they cancel Hard Rock this year, who cares? Leadville
      > is my main goal
      > for the year, but if they must cancel the race due to fire
      > danger, so be it.
      > You need to start looking at the big picture.
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