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Re: [hr100] RE: Hardrock Training

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  • Rich Limacher
    Speaking of scheduling, y all... In my latest cellophane package containing my: a) July issue of Trail Runner Magazine, b) shoe ads and other brochures, c)
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 6, 2002
      Speaking of "scheduling," y'all...

      In my latest cellophane package containing my: a) July
      issue of Trail Runner Magazine, b) shoe ads and other
      brochures, c) invoice and threat to shut off all future
      issues of Trail Runner Magazine unless I: 1) RENEW TODAY, 2)
      along with all that (complete with the full-page ad + 3
      overlapping photos of Catra Corbet on page 21 -- WOW! Makes
      me want to buy jewelry!) comes this *other* brochure
      entitled "Telluride 360-degree Adventure Festival, Presented
      by Subaru," complete with a full calendar of big-time
      hot-shot events from July 7th through the 16th. And another
      full-page ad on the back cover saying: "Everyone's invited
      to a BIG PARTY Saturday Night, July 13, 7 p.m."

      Yessir. That spans the length and breadth of--you got
      it--OUR RUN!

      (Good thing I'm not "scheduled" to arrive in Telluride till
      Sunday morning, eh?)

      Anybody out there in festival-deprived Colorado know about

      Is this some kind of big-time, big-money comeuppance to our
      now National Geographically famous event?

      Will it be televised? Can I tape it for viewing later in my
      hotel room?

      Will Montrail be there selling shoes and advertising space?
      Will Catra? (I would like to buy an ad tattooed on her left
      leg, just above the knee, please.)

      Ohmigod. I just can't WAIT to meet the "Luna Women's
      Mountain Bike Team and other pro athletes, bid on amazing
      products & trips at the Silent Auction, stay for the great
      music and Dance Party, info at clifbar.com, proceeds from
      cover charge and Silent Auction to benefit The Breast Cancer

      Just, uh, readin' my mail, y'all.

      See you in a couple of weeks. You bring the jug and
      washboard; I'll bring the fiddle.


      Ricard von Bismarck
      "The Jelly-Filled Doughnut
      Formerly Baked by Your Neighborhood Barkley
      But Now Freshly Fried
      With My Neighborhood Cattle Meringue*"

      *I owe Geri K. for this term which is the new name for the

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      > ...However, I still have a few questions.
      > Is the celebrity bocce ball tournament still scheduled for
      Saturday night
      > on Handies? If so, is it BYOBB, or will complimentary
      bocce balls be
      > provided? Also, is the Kendall Mountain Cafe still
      planning an
      > all-you-can-eat fried pork rind and chitlin breakfast for
      the Oklahoma
      > runners on race morning?
      > Thanks again
      > Steve
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