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Important (but safe) Message about a new VIRUS

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  • Rich Limacher
    I apologize to one and all, but it has finally happened to me. My computer was hit with a virus. The Number One Rule to remember here is: NEVER, EVER OPEN AN
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2001
      I apologize to one and all, but it has finally happened to
      me. My computer was hit with a virus.

      The Number One Rule to remember here is:

      ======= ==== ===== === ====== ============

      Even if it comes from a friend, someone close to you,
      someone you usually trust, or even someone you don't know
      but whose "attachment" seem harmless because it is not an
      executable (".exe") file.

      I received this latest virus from someone I know and whom I
      also trust would never deliberately send me a virus. In
      fact, he didn't know he was doing it. The virus does this
      all by itself. THAT's what's so scary. But there are dead
      people now who once opened innocent mail coming through the
      United States Postal Service because they never dreamed it
      contained anthrax.

      We live in the Age of Terrorism. We must all be ALWAYS on

      If you don't want to read any more, you can stop now. I've
      warned you not to open ANY attachment whatsoever. Period.
      Not ever! That's it. And it is also why my recently begun
      "Middle Income Richard's Almanack" e-zine is strictly
      text-body only. Never an attachment. Not even HTML. I do
      not wish to infect anyone's computer, not now, not ever. So
      I never attach anything. What you see in your e-mail's
      in-box is what you get, and it's ALL you get.

      If your computer hasn't been infected and you don't know
      what I'm talking about with my e-zine, you can either: a)
      stop reading and delete this message, or b) send me a reply
      saying you'd like to see my e-zine.

      If you're still with me, here's how this new worm-virus
      called "Badtrans" works:

      It hides within a BLANK "txt" or "Notepad" attachment file.
      If you don't have some kind of "firewall" safety system set
      up on your computer, you will see an innocent-looking
      *non-executable* file attachment coming from some otherwise
      trustworthy source. So you might equally innocently click
      on it.

      WHAM-O! Too late.

      It downloads immediately, invisibly, without even your
      system asking whether you want to download it or not.
      Then--damn it all anyway--every time you go online *it*
      works in the background sending itself out like this to
      everybody in your "address book." And I have a BIG address
      book. (Sorry about that.)

      However, if you ever do or ever did get this nasty little
      worm-virus in just this fashion, follow this link which I
      kindly received from a friend, Matt Mahoney, on how to
      destroy it:


      In my case, I've worked a day and a half on tracking it down
      in the wasteland of my Windows environment. I believe now
      the little bastard, like bin Laden, is finished.

      I'm also convinced, if HE could, he would have already
      e-mailed me anthrax.

      Many apologies,
      Rich Limacher
      No "_" underscore symbol there (note this)

      ----- Notes from other Original Messages -----

      > ...it's the virus called Badtrans. It
      > spreads when someone unknowingly
      > opens an email attachment that comes from
      > someone whose computer is infected. The
      > virus then sends itself to everyone in their
      > address book, using a variety of file names.

      > For more info:

      > I have received several emails over the last few days
      > with the following characteristics:
      > 1. Email from a name I recognize.
      > 2. The return email [address] is being altered in
      > these emails with an underscore as the first
      > character. The most recent header is
      > [something like this]:
      > >
      > >> From: "Rich Limacher" <_TheTroubadour@...>
      > >> To: [victim's e-mail address]
      > >> Subject: Re: Re: [some old topic]
      > >> Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 11:36:36 -0500
      > >
      > 3. There are two attachments to each of these
      > messages. One is a text.txt file; the other has
      > a random name and a .pif or a .scr extension.
      > Rich's note had a file named:
      > "ME_NUDE.MP3.SCR" attached. This is the
      > virus-containing note. Note: the .scr filename
      > appears to be named at random.
      > I just thought that if I'm getting these, then so
      > others on [his] list.
      > Please be doubly aware that these attachments
      > are not safe.
      > FWIW, the subject line appears to be a topic that is
      > rather old, at least in [current discussion terms]...
      > A Friend
      > (who isn't infected because I checked, even though
      > Hotmail won't let me download ANYTHING that
      > suggests Rich will appear on my screen without
      > clothes on)
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