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  • carolyn erdman
    Dear ultra runners and HRH, This is a sample of the Silverton Mountain Journal Xpress electronic newswire. For $10 ($15for the few who do not subscribe to the
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 16, 2001
      Dear ultra runners and HRH,

      This is a sample of the Silverton Mountain Journal Xpress electronic
      newswire. For $10 ($15for the few who do not subscribe to the Silverton
      Mountain Journal) you can
      receive this service on a regular basis, as news breaks. In today's news,
      the way is cleared for Silverton to enter the modern age of
      telecommunications, Silverton gets its first snow, the Hardrock Hundred
      gets town sponsorship again, KSUT broadcasting location is moved, and 911
      service is on its way to Baker's Park.
      If you would like to subscribe to this service, send check or money
      order to:
      Silverton Mountain Journal
      PO Box166
      Silverton, CO 81433

      I sure want to encourage all of you to help Jonathan out. He and his wife
      and two girls are trying hard and doing great wokr with this paper. I hope
      that you read his article in this issue of ultra running on the HRH. This
      will give you up to date information on Silverton as well as updates on
      HRH.This paper is owned locally unlike the other one where neither the
      owner nor the reporter lives here.

      Just putting my plug for a great paper, newservice and friend.

      Oh the Avalanche is open now!!!!!!


      All of the bureaucratic hurdles have now been removed clearing the way for
      the construction of a 150 foot telecommunications tower on the south end of
      At its regular meeting on Monday, October 8, the Silverton Town Board of
      Trustees voted unanimously to enter into a lease agreement with American
      Tower Management, Inc. Construction of the monopole, on which cellular and
      digital communications companies may rent space for antennae, is expected
      to begin this year.
      The initial term of the lease is 10 years, after which the company has the
      automatic option to renew for an additional four, 10 year terms. The town
      government will receive $7,200 per year under the lease.
      Monday night¹s action was the conclusion of a long and sometimes
      controversial effort by the tower company to come to an agreement to build
      the tower and bring cellular and digital technology to Silverton. Last
      fall, the town made zoning changes that were necessary before construction
      could take place. The change was made amidst protests from citizens who
      objected to: a huge structure greeting tourists as they drive and ride the
      train into Silverton; the pole blocking views from town; potential hazards
      for medical or search helicopters landing in town; and the presence of cell
      phones, considered by many to be a nuisance, in town.
      Although the zoning change was made quickly, the lease agreement presented
      some difficulties. The tower company repeatedly submitted lease proposals
      that were unacceptable to the town. After almost a year of failed
      negotiations, American Tower approached the Bureau of Land Management
      seeking permission to build a 140 foot tower on federal land on the slope
      Kendall Mountain. Only days after the BLM announced the proposal, the tower
      company withdrew it and returned to the town with an almost acceptable
      agreement. Final changes were made in recent weeks, bringing the lease to a
      signable form.
      No lights will initially be installed on the tower. However, the lease has
      leave room for installation of lights if it is ever required by the
      United States Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation
      Administration, or ³any other governmental agency exercising such authority.²

      911 on its way

      911 emergency phone service should be available to San Juan County by the
      end of the year according to Sheriff Sue Kurtz.
      Full funding for installation of the service was awarded recently in the
      form of a $70,000 grant from the Colorado Trust. Vendors have been chosen
      and installation is expected to begin by the end of this month. Kurtz hopes
      to have the system up and running by December.
      Silverton is one of only a few towns in the country without 911 phone

      Town renews sponsorship for Hardrock Hundred

      Silverton¹s Town Board of Trustees enthusiastically embraced the Hardrock
      Hundred Endurance Run for another year, voting 5-1 in favor of sponsoring
      the July 12-14, 2002, event.
      Run organizer Dale Garland addressed the board on Monday night, praising
      both the community of Silverton and the benefits brought here by the event.
      According to Garland, runners spend over $200,000 in the area while here
      for the race, and most of that ends up in Silverton.
      ³The Hardrock has become synonymous with Silverton,² noted Garland.
      Besides the direct economic benefits, the event also brings a good deal of
      publicity to the town. In the past year there have been articles in Sports
      Illustrated Adventure and Outside magazines, reaching a combined total of
      over 1.5 million readers, and National Geographic did a 10 minute video of
      this year¹s event.

      But not everyone agreed with Kuhlman. Without stating his reasons, Trustee
      Jim Huffman voted against sponsorship of the event.

      From Carolyn: I think it was because so many of you wrote letters and sent
      faxes regarding the OHV issue

      KSUT gets new broadcasting location

      Silverton¹s newest radio station has been moved to a new, permanent
      broadcasting location. Technical changes encountered during the move forced
      KSUT off of the Silverton airwaves for a few days, but service should be
      restored shortly.
      On Sunday, October 7, the micro-broadcasting equipment which sends the
      signal to 98.3 on radio dials in most of town was moved to an office in the
      Miner¹s Union Hospital and the transmitting antennae was placed on top of
      the building. The new location has allowed reception at places where none
      was possible before.
      However, due to problems receiving the internet at this location, KSUT was
      taken off the air until faster and newer computer equipment arrives
      sometime today. Members of the Committee for KSUT in Silverton hope to have
      public radio back on the air as early as this evening.
      Meanwhile, QWEST should soon begin work on the installation of an ISDN
      line to the new broadcasting location. Once this is in place--which could
      take anywhere from two weeks to two months, according to KSUT Engineer
      Scott Henning--KSUT will be broadcast more consistently and at a higher
      quality than it has been in the past.

      Silverton gets first snow

      It wasn't much, but at about 10 a.m. on Tuesday, a few, wet and slushy
      snowflakes fell on Silverton along with a steady drizzle of rain. Snow has
      been falling sporadically on the peaks around town, reaching down to about
      10,000 feet last night, but today was the first time any flakes have hit
      the streets of Silverton.
    • carolyn erdman
      ... I forgot to ad that he is the author of this months UR article on HRH. Great writer, great paper great up to the minute news about CO, SIlverton and HRH.
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 16, 2001
        > Dear ultra runners and HRH,
        I forgot to ad that he is the author of this months UR article on HRH.
        Great writer, great paper great up to the minute news about CO, SIlverton
        and HRH.
        no financial gain
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