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OHV's in Silverton

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  • carolyn erdman
    Subject: A faster way to distribute Mountain Journal news? From: Jonathan P. Thompson
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 26, 2001
      Subject: A faster way to distribute Mountain Journal news?
      From: "Jonathan P. Thompson" <jpt@...

      Thanks to the many folks out there in ultra running land that took the time
      to write, fax, e-mail. I helped a big big bunch!!

      >> Hey all,
      I'm working on ways to quickly distribute timely news, such as, in this
      case, the outcome of last night's town board meeting.
      Let me know what you think (useful or just more spam?). Story follows (as
      part of this message).
      Silverton Mountain Journal

      OHV Ballot Initiative will not be sponsored by town
      A proposed town-sponsored ballot initiative regarding Off Highway Vehicles
      on town streets went down in flames last Monday following intense public
      Over 150 people signed a petition asking the Silverton Town Board of
      Trustees not to sponsor a ballot initiative that would have asked voters if
      they did or did not want OHVs on some or all of Silverton¹s streets, where
      the vehicles are currently illegal. At its regular meeting on September 24,
      the board voted 6-1 to not sponsor such an initiative. Only Trustee Jim
      Huffman voted against the motion.
      ³The people who want it should write up the ballot issue and go to the
      board,² said Trustee Mike Maxfield, responding to the public outcry. ³We
      shouldn¹t even be messing with it.²
      Petition organizers worried that town sponsorship of the initiative would
      appear to be an endorsement by the board for opening the streets to OHVs,
      which might sway some to vote in favor of the initiative.
      But Trustees Bill MacDougall and Joe Zimmerman warned that the petition
      might backfire.
      ³You have to live with your decision,² MacDougall said, warning that OHV
      proponents would probably put the initiative on the ballot themselves,
      possibly in such a way that would be more palatable to voters. ³The people
      are taking a big gamble.²
      In order to put an initiative on the ballot, a petition must be drafted
      according to very specific rules and it must be approved before it is
      circulated. Within 180 days of approval, the petition must be submitted with
      at least 5% of Silverton¹s registered voters. If all of this was done, the
      measure could be put to voters at the next municipal election in April.
      At two previous meetings, the board informally voted overwhelmingly in
      favor of putting the measure on the ballot as a simple, ³yes/no² question
      asking voters whether they favored allowing OHVs on Silverton¹s streets. If
      OHV proponents put the measure on the ballot, it is likely to involve a
      limited corridor on which OHVs would be allowed.
      The current debate was ignited this spring during a public hearing
      regarding OHVs on county roads. A majority of those at the hearing favored
      greater freedoms for the vehicles and asked that a route into town be
      established. A task force was formed to work on finding such a route. The
      group of six presented its proposal--which would have allowed OHVs on
      streets on the southeast side of town--to the town board in August.
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