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SI Adventure article

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  • runamok@bright.net
    Hi All: Some of you may recall I offered to scan the SI Adventure piece on HR 100 and send to the list. Someone at SI told me I would receive it in the mail in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2001
      Hi All:

      Some of you may recall I offered to scan the
      SI Adventure piece on HR 100 and send to the list.
      Someone at SI told me I would receive it in the mail in "2-3 weeks".

      Well, I still have not received it. I am going to check back, but I
      suspect SI will just put me off. If I do manage to receive it, I
      will pass it on.

      Also: the Double MoE 200 is showing rather disappointing number of
      entries for this year's running. I am passing on a notice in case
      anyone may know of another interested runner. The course is wimpy
      compared to HR, but it is very well suited to a 200 mile effort, and
      actually very beautiful in October. The fall colors can really add to
      those moments of hypnagogic wierdness (that's fancy talk for, "damn,
      what the hell was that, I better get some caffeine quick!)

      By the way, to all you folks involved in the HR 100 production: I
      think it was amazingly well done! I sure hope the permit issues get
      resolved because I want to get my butt in top shape and get out there
      for the full deal.

      Robin Fry

      Double MoE 200 Mile Endurance (mostly trail) Run
      October 4 to 7, 2001
      Near Loudonville, OH
      This event is 2 laps of the Mohican Trail 100 course

      Sponsors include: Montrail, Clif Bar, Finish Line, CosaminDS
      (the premium glucosamine/chondroitin supplement),
      Bison Sportslights and Team Run Amok Endurance Sports.

      We must require that each runner have a crew of at least
      one person. If a runner wishes to enter, and cannot find
      a crew person, we will try to arrange for person(s) to help.
      Runners are not prohibited from sharing a crew if they run

      We will have aid on the course, and we will, at some times, have
      volunteers at the aid points to assist along with crew persons.
      There are restaurants reasonably close enough to have crew or other
      support persons obtain hot food as needed (during open hours!). There
      will be rest facilities at 2 or more points,
      for those who must sleep.

      There WILL be very unique sweatshirts for all entrants.
      There WILL be finisher awards--embroidered fleece vests.
      There WILL be a pre-race dinner on October 3rd.

      The time limit is ample for those who are adequately trained, in fact,
      it is liberal enough that the event may be run as a stage-format.
      Course record is 59:47, 1999. It is soft (the Single Mohican 100
      record is 15:11, Coutney Campbell, 1999)
      Course is rolling, with about 66% forest trails, and the remainder
      hilly back roads, the majority unpaved.

      The entry fee will remain at $100 through September 10
      (the application states it increases on Sept 1)

      Any questions: runamok@...
      web site: www.geocities.com/moe_runners

      Oh, by the way, seven committed runners so far.
      We hope to see several more on the starting line, Oct 4, 6 AM.

      Mid-Ohio Extreme Endurance Runners
      (member club RRCA)
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