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Its a small world

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  • reno_debra@emc.com
    Hey all, in the it s a small world and weird coincidences category,...... Steve and I were wandering around the back country roads of southern New
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2001
      Hey all,
      in the "it's a small world" and "weird coincidences" category,......

      Steve and I were wandering around the back country roads of southern New
      Hamshire, in our search for a place to rent up there....
      We stopped in the tiny New England village of Nelson, NH, population only
      around 500, to ask a local for some directions. He was a friendly guy, and
      we got to talking about one thing and another. Well, somehow the
      conversation got around to trail running, etc, and this guy told us a story.

      He's a mountain biker and a basic outdoors kind of guy. Last year he was
      camping in the mountains.. One morning, he looked up along a high meadow
      near his campsite, and saw someone moving along fairly quickly in the
      distance... "That's moving too fast for a hiker" he said to himself, and
      "what the heck would a mountain biker be doing up there?"
      He watched for awhile in curiosity, and then, before long, this person came
      down close enough for him to see that it was a runner, with a race number.
      I believe he said he actually talked to the guy, and discovered he was
      participating in a 100 mile race. ;You guessed it... our new friend was
      camping outside Silverton, CO and he had met a Hardrocker! Out of all the
      people we might have asked directions from, we get this guy.

      Now, what's the chance that two Hardrockers, a thousand miles from Colorado
      1. would be apartment hunting, looking for directions and
      2. happen to see a guy walking on the street in some tiny town in New
      England and
      3. this guy happens to have been camping in Colorado, in Silverton, at just
      the right place to come across a Hardrocker,
      4. we bring up something in conversation that recalls his experience, and
      5. he tells us about it, and
      6. we tell him we just returned from that very same event!

      Aint life amazing?

      cheers to all you Hardrockers who also did Nolans.... now THAT's even more
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