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Re: [hr100] Top 14 (on the Nolan's Index) Businesses for Silverton

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  • R.A. Fry
    How about Ma Rainey s Mole Skin Cookies! Oh, wait a minute, wrong channel! Robin Fry I went back to Ohio, and my Mountains were gone... Hey, Ho there you
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 26, 2001
      How about Ma Rainey's Mole Skin Cookies!

      Oh, wait a minute, wrong channel!

      Robin Fry
      "I went back to Ohio, and my Mountains were gone...
      Hey, Ho there you go...."

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      From: Rich Limacher
      To: hr100@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2001 6:44 PM
      Subject: [hr100] Top 14 (on the Nolan's Index) Businesses for Silverton


      Who remembers those "sponsors" from Lake Wobegon's
      "A Prairie Home Companion"?

      Ralph's Pretty Good Grocery
      Bertha's Kitty Boutique
      Powdermilk Biscuits
      etc., etc.

      Or, how about that old Bob Newhart classic: "The Grace L.
      Ferguson Airline & Stormdoor Company"?

      To which I'd now like to add the following prospects for
      the soon-to-be economic re-boom of Silverton, whose
      "business plans" I've almost been rehired to rewrite:

      Bob's Street Paving and Front Porch Remodeling Construction

      Stan's Newsstand & Website Printout Emporium

      Alice's All-Night Restaurant
      ("Rocky Mountain Oysters Served Round the Clock")

      Mary's Antique Computers & Mining Swap-O-Rama
      ("We've Got Your 486 Right Here Next to the Pickaxes")

      Tony's Mass Transit, Subway & Skateboard Rentals

      Buffalo Boy Airlines & Pack Mules

      Ollie's Oxygen ("Tanks for the Mammaries")

      Cissy's Nuclear Reactor & Lightning Bug Power Company

      Zeke's Utilities
      ("We Gotcher Knifes Forks & Spones Raht Chere")

      Ralph's Pretty Good Tattoos & Taxicabs
      ("Check out Ernie's when you need to change either one")

      Matt's Shoe-Less Paystore

      Mad Max Mitsubitchi, Ferrari & Wheelbarrow Sales & Service
      ("0 Wheels 2 Weird 4 Mad Max")

      KLIP-FM ("The Big Beet of Radio Silverton")

      ...and finally, of course, that fine fictional firm of:

      Cappis, Thorn & Associates, Architects
      ("Even if You can't imagine such a design,
      We can still cough up with it")

      Cheers, everyone!

      Rich Limacher
      ("back from vacationing/sandblasting/sunburning
      with his own prairie home companion and realizing just how
      fried his mind is from all these lists" :-)

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      From: Charles T. Thorn
      My favorite is, "Silverton's Finest Beauty Salon and Dog

      From: Deb Reno
      Hey, with all this publicity, Silverton could become a
      virtual hotbed of economic growth. Already, there are plans
      underway to open up some new businesses in town. What with
      the seasonal nature of income generating activies there, I'm
      glad to see they are combining similar businesses to save on
      equipment costs.
      Here they are:

      Ernie's Budget Sandblasting (and Tattoo Removal)

      Radiation Test Lab (and Suntan Parlour)

      Ed's Vacuum Cleaner Sales (and Lyposuction Clinic)

      and, my personal favorite:

      Silverton Animal Rescue League (and Vietnamese

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