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Re: [hr100] HRH in the media

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  • dale garland
    Thanks Deb!! I really do appreciate your comments! My job is pretty easy when I get the chance to work with such a great group of people (volunteers and
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 21, 2001
      Thanks Deb!! I really do appreciate your comments! My "job" is pretty
      easy when I get the chance to work with such a great group of people
      (volunteers and runners)
      See ya' next July!

      reno_debra@... wrote:
      > Dale,
      > Thanks for the head's up on the programs.... While I was crawling on my
      > hands and knees up the last pitch to Handies, I looked up and there was a
      > cameraman right in my face shooting away.
      > I think I probably looked about as bad as a runner can look at that moment-
      > and I'm not talking about bad hair days!
      > Anyway, most importantly, thanks for all that you did to make Hardrock such
      > a special event.
      > It was great to finally meet you and watch you in action. Your special way
      > of greeting all the runners and the personal attention given to each
      > finisher is just one of the ways that you excel as a Race Director. Quite a
      > contrast to another 100 miler earlier this year, where there was literally
      > no one at the finish line to meet runners coming in, and one friend of mine
      > had to literally wake up the timer in order to record her finish. You
      > epitomize all that is excellent about a good RD. Your humor and imagination
      > made it just plain fun. Thanks for making it so special for all of us. I
      > was privaledged to be at "Camp Hardrock"- even though it's going to "suck to
      > be me" until next year when I can try again.
      > I would like to mention in regards to the entry process that many of us were
      > talking about it after the run, and thought that previous entrants should be
      > given perhaps a week's advantage in the entry process, and then open the
      > applications to everyone. Mail apps out to veterans a week in advance. Those
      > who have run before have demonstrated their dedication to being there and
      > running the race. I didn't know until someone said it this year that some
      > people enter with the intention of only running halfway to Ouray.
      > Those bums!
      > Maybe there could be a "Hardrock Half" ("BabyRock?" "SissyRock"?)- a fifty
      > miler with a separate start. (maybe an hour earlier, which wouldn't
      > significantly change start times for the aid stations along the route)
      > Runners would start at Silverton, finish at Ouray, and be responsible for
      > their own ride back to the start.
      > Well, it's an idea anyway.
      > Thanks again, we all love ya,
      > Deb r.
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