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Thank you For The Responses

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  • jfisher
    From Jim Fisher Thank You All for your responses to my questions about non-sugar sports drinks, etc. When it comes to sports / athletics I have been a
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      From Jim Fisher

      Thank You All for your responses to my questions about non-sugar sports
      drinks, etc.

      When it comes to sports / athletics I have been a participant / doer not
      a spectator, arm chair reader / wanta-be. Thus my subscription to Ultra
      running magazine ran out 4 years ago and I have not participated in the
      ultra running electronic chat room. Thus I honestly did not know the
      names of the latest and greatest replenish drinks, electrolyte caps,
      etc. I sincerely appreciate everyone's replies.

      (Note, one of the things that I appreciate about our activity, is that
      it is a participatory activity which makes absolutely no sense
      what-so-ever to spectators. Even the volunteers at the aid stations,
      family, and crews at ultras are all participating in their own way. We
      are all part of a big team. There are no spectators.)

      A short discussion first, then the most popular answers for everyone's

      There were several replies making reference to adult onset diabetes or
      hypoglycemia. My failure, for not mentioning that I am well aware of
      this malady. My mother, who just had her 80th birthday, has been
      marginally / quasi diabetic for the last 20 years. She has kept it under
      control thru diet and exercise alone. (Get this you young hot shot
      whooper snapper triathletes hiding amongst our ultra running ranks)
      Today at age 80, she swims a mile a day in 55 minutes, 6 days a week,
      and has for the last 20 years. Woe be unto any dumb slob who gets in her
      way when it comes time to go do her afternoon swim. 20 years of
      breathing chlorine has kept her kidneys functioning just fine, keeping
      her blood pH where it belongs.

      I do not like to think of myself as a "victim" of my heredity. Better,
      that my current state is directly the result of my own poor choice of
      hydration liquid (DR PEPPER) for the last 10 years. (Something like a
      little kid with money going wild in a candy store, for 10 years.) I
      would like to think that after a period of abstinance, that I could
      return to sugar in MODERATION, at least without paranoic fears of dire
      health or athletic consequences. Since I was habituated to sugar /
      caffiene for the last 10-12 years, whether this is possible remains to
      be seen. Unlike most of the medical profession, I feel that the human
      body is not a fixed bronze sculpture which can only go one way,
      downhill. There are documented cases of persons with multiple
      personalities, one of whom was diabetic. When the specific personality
      was present, these people were unquestionably medically diabetic. They
      would die without their insulin. When other personalities occupied this
      same body, these people were quite medically normal. Giving them insulin
      would probably do them in. Bye the way, I corrected the pringles for
      dinner years ago and at the same time completely rehabilitated a severe
      documented loss of cartiledge in my right knee, primarily by diet alone.
      Thus I do not feel like a victim, or permanently wounded cripple, just
      an older and wiser ultra runner.

      There was one reference to an appearant ongoing severe salt (Na, sodium)
      deficiency causing the same symptons as I have had. This was easily
      cured by ingesting high dosages of salt.

      There was one reference to Epstein-Barr virus. I am aware of and had
      considered chronic fatigue syndrone, which is probably also viral. As a
      long distance trail runner for the last 10-12 years, I didnt have time
      to be a ladies man. Thus I rapidly concluded that much to my dismay I
      had not been exposed to the usual pleasurable means by which such wierd
      virsuses are typically transmitted. Being dedicated to ultra running, I
      did not have time to experiment with Clintoneering (a word created by
      our German counter parts) I think all ultra runners would agree that aid
      stations are more preferrable than AIDS stations. Those who disagree
      might consider wierd viral maladies as a cause for their energy

      And The Winning Responses Were:
      1, 2, 3 ) Responses were all mixed, so I'll just list them all together.

      See original posting from Jim Fisher on 6/7 to see what Questions 1,2, 3
      corresponded to.

      Most Votes - e-caps, Electrolyte Capsules, SUCCEED, with Kevin Setnes's
      name attached. Good Job Kevin
      Highly Mentioned - Sustained Energy, Hammer Gel from Hammer Nutrition,
      Several References - Endurolytes (capsules), not Endurocaps
      Single or lesser Mentions - Carbofuel (60% maltodextrin, 20% fructose,
      20% glucose)
      - ElectrolyteStammina by Trace Minerals Research
      - one testimonial sighting David Horton chugging large
      quantities of Ensure ( supposedly a fat people's drink)
      - Propel by Gatorade
      - Smartwater
      Other non-brand name concotions recommended included
      - "Mexican diet", bean and rice burritos. Thanks to Jim Garcia
      - Home made / custon beef jerky / dried sausage with Kosher salt
      added. Thanks to Gorden Hardman
      - Crackers ( I assume the salted kind)
      - Tomatoes and avacodos instead of gels and powders
      Other recommendations
      - Avoiding carbonation like the plague, no explaination given as yet

      - reference to Karl King's website was sited as a source of info on
      sports replenishment drinks
      - reference to http://shop.store.yahoo.com/ultrafit/index.html
      - reference to www.e-caps.com
      - reference to "Lick the Sugar Habit" a book by a nationally ranked
      tennis player who wiped out with the same problem

      Question 4) No real answers, just some commisseration. It is a sad
      state of our nation when the profits of 7 / 11 style establishments are
      maintained by the sale of excessive quantities of meat, salt, and
      alcohol in some form of packaging, without even considering the shelves
      upon shelves of addictive combinations of sugar and caffiene. I include
      caffine because almost all the colored liquids (cola drinks) as well as
      chocholate, besides containing gross quantities of sugar, also contain
      significant quantities of caffiene. Quite a contrast to see third world
      or oriental markets with piles of fruit and vegetables.

      One recommendation was made that when I get a sugar craving, I should
      consider substituting sex instead. I'll need to ask my girl friend about
      that one, and check with Dale Garland to see if this is a permitted
      activity within 400 yards of an aid station. (I know; I must leave the
      aid station by the cut off time, or else I will get cut off.)

      Question 5) No real answers. The only reason that I included it here is
      potential links from the viewpoint of Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM
      attributes some forms of Tinnitus to some combinations of poor diet
      (pringles for dinner for years), body type (scrawny little whimps), and
      excessive use of the body's energies ( running 100 milers for years).
      Western "medicine" usually points a finger at loud noises or excessive
      high pitched sounds. They furthur go on to say that there is nothing you
      the "victim" nor they the authorities can do, but to go suck an egg. To
      support TCM, my recent tinnitus is clearly not associated with any
      excessively loud or high pitched noises. But sadly TCM does not offer
      much more hope for long term (chronic, their word) problems of this
      nature, than western "medicine", which is zilch. When the ringing in my
      ears first started, it reached astronomical levels and was completely
      intollerable. Acupunture rapidly reduced it down to a background
      tollerable level, but could not eliminate it. As a hypnotherapist myself
      and having discussed this problem with another hypnotherapist who had
      the same problem, sadly we can not point a finger to any success stories
      at this time. Being a scientist and engineer, I do not want to sound new
      age-ish, and shake a fist at technology but. I have found the ringing in
      my ears to be distinctly more noticible while driving my car (up to the
      ski basin to run ) or while working between 2 computers, monitors, etc.
      My personal theory ( totally unsupported of course) is due to repeated
      dehydration while ultra running, there has been some "permanent" change
      in the electrolyte makeup, viscosity, density, or other physical /
      chemical properties of the fluid in my inner ears.

      There was one reference that caffiene aggitates the problem. We will
      see, since my favotire drink for years was Dr Pepper (sugar and
      caffiene). One reference to

      Lastly I appreciate Bob Peitzke's suggestion that tinnitus can make it
      difficult to understand conversations when there is background noise,
      but I dont think my girl friend will buy it.

      Again I appreciate the wonderful considerate input from those runners
      who responded. I hope noone was misquoted above. Thank You All again

      Jim Fisher
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