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  • Catherine Mataisz
    reply to Jim Fishers questions ... From: Adam W. Chase [mailto:chase@statetax-law.com] Sent: Friday, June 08, 2001 12:15 PM To: hr100@yahoogroups.com Cc:
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      reply to Jim Fishers questions

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      I was forwarded your message from some friends who are the HR Group, Roch
      Horton and Catherine Mataisz. They thought I might have some answers
      because I have suffered from some blood sugar problems and do a lot of
      experimentation with different products in doing gear reviews and in an
      effort to improve my running and racing in trail ultras. Most recently I
      have been doing some investigation in the nutrition and running area for a
      book that Nancy Hobbs and I have co-authored, called The Ultimate Guide to
      Trail Running, due out this August from The Lyons Press (see

      The answer to your first question is that there are several low to almost
      no sugar replenishers on the market. One is Conquest, which you won't like
      because it contains Nutrasweet. Ultima is very low in sugar (almost none)
      and gets any sweet flavor from stevia, which is used widely in Japanese
      product but isn't that common in the U.S. Ultima's berry flavors are rather
      strong, but the Passion goes down real nicely and the stuff works very well
      to get the many minerals into your muscles instead of having them sit in
      your stomach because the sugars are blocking the absorption and requiring
      your digestive system to actually pull water away from your working muscles.
      Go figure.

      I understand that the new GU20 product is pretty low in sugar. I tried a
      pre-market sample and it certainly tasted as though it lacked sweetener.
      understanding is that they have dialed the flavor in a bit since then, so
      you may want to try that product when it hits the market in the near future.
      It is designed to work as a complement to sports gels and to facilitate the
      absorption of the minerals into your system.

      Other drinks that you may want to try because they offer a more balanced
      make-up but more than I prefer when running are Revenge, Cytomax, Clip,
      Succeed, and R4. They all have different bells and whistles, but the main
      idea is that they replace most everything you are losing. I tend to favor
      drinking something that is lighter and goes down more quickly and then I use
      salt tablets (Succeed from Ultra Fit, which you can find through
      UltraRunning) to enhance the salt balance, which answers your second

      As far as carbonation, you can always use "aqua con gas" or fizzy water or
      Perrier or Club Soda to get those bubbles into your system. That works very
      well to help with GI problems and bring up some deep belches to release
      pressure. I go for a shot of Coke late in an ultra in part because the
      psychological rush of sugar and caffeine helps push me for a handful of

      Any easier? Why would we do it if it were any easier? I would, however,
      suggest trying some adjustments to your diet both when on the run and during
      those few non-running moments of the day. I am a vegan and have found that
      if I overdo the sugar consumption I can even things out by eating some nuts
      (I prefer soy nuts) in the afternoon and that gets me some needed fat and
      protein to take the edge off for the rest of the day.

      I hope that helps. The hard part is that things change and so what worked
      one year (or one season or one day) may not the next. Its fun trying to get
      it right and otherwise life would be pretty dull.



      Adam W. Chase
      (303) 444-2993

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      From: jfisher [mailto:leptonsunlimited@...]
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      Subject: [hr100] Questions fur yu

      Howdy All

      >From Jim Fisher, 5 time HR100 finisher.
      I have a story and some questions fur y'all.

      As an almost daily routine, for the warmer 6-8 months a year, for the
      last 10-12 years, I would go by the local 7 / 11 style grocery store /
      gas station in the afternoon and buy a super large fountain drink. I
      would drink this on the way up to the ski basin where I did my daily
      training runs. For years this worked out quite well. I was well
      hydrated, had plenty of energy to run, and a can of pringles would
      suffice for dinner.

      Then about 3 years ago I began to have energy problems. These gradually
      got worse to the point that sometimes during the last several years I
      could not train. I would go up to the trailheads as usual, but my entire
      body (not just my legs) was so depleted of energy that pretending to run
      anything more than 100 meters was totally beyond my capability. Not only
      did this mysterious condition sit me down and drag my butt in the dirt,
      it increased to the point that some days I could not focus or
      concentrate to work, even by the lowest standards of ultra running
      decision making and logic.

      Being an addicted runner, I tried every trick in the book to get a
      handle on this condition; every combination of vitamins, minerals, red
      meats, green vegetables, carbo's, DHEA, etc. known to man. I did
      cleanses for intestinal parasites, whether I had then or not,
      acupuncture, got blood tests, you name it. Nothing brought lasting
      relief, and nothing indicated that my body was reacting so badly to

      Finally this spring I concluded that maybe the problem wasn't what I was
      NOT eating. The problem was what I WAS eating; too much SUGAR. A few
      short experiments gave me undisputable evidence that, indeed my body no
      longer liked my prime fuel of all these years. Even a mere day or two of
      fountain drinks or other forms of sugar and I can not run from here to
      the bathroom.

      So my questions are.
      1) Does anyone know of a sports replenishment drink which does not
      contain sugar? (Considering the Hardrock to be a multi-day event, I
      don't want to chance continually ingesting sugar the whole first day)
      2) Does anyone know of a way to maintain bodily salt balance without the
      use of sports replenishment drinks? (Assuming that the Hardrock will be
      a long hot sweaty affair this year)
      3) In the past I have used canned Coke Cola to calm down my stomach and
      keep it under control when it got wierd during ultras. Does anyone know
      of another carbonated beverage, without sugar (forget Nutrasweet, barf)
      , which will serve this purpose?
      4) Does anyone know a way to make this process any easier? (If you think
      quitting sex or alcohol is difficult, then try getting off of sugar.)
      The next time you are out and about the town, try going by the local 7 /
      11 style establishment and seeing if you can find any liquid in their
      cooler cases that does not contain sugar.
      5) About the same time my energy problems began to occurr, I also
      developed ringing in my ears, which appears to be a permanent on-going
      nusiance. Does anyone know of a cure for this condition; western,
      oriental, or otherwise.

      I realize that I am probably going to get a bunch of wise-ass answers,
      but I would appreciate at least a few serious ones.
      Please reply to Jim Fisher directly;
      leptonsunlimited@... unless you just want everybody to
      read your wise-ass comments or you feel that you have some information
      valuable to the whole running community.

      Thank You So Very Much
      Jim Fisher

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