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Joel Zucker Memorial Scholarship Fund opportunities!

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    Over the past several months, I see that Charlie has made a number of general solicitations for donations to the Joel Zucker Memorial Scholarship Fund (JZMSF).
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      Over the past several months, I see that Charlie has made a number of general solicitations for donations to the Joel Zucker Memorial Scholarship Fund (JZMSF). Any member of the Hardrock family who visits Silverton should take a minute to look beyond the bling of Main Street and see the economic reality of the children growing up there. The mission of Hardrock and the JZMSF is a very important part of educational opportunities for San Juan County youths (and those over in Lake City)...maybe we can make an even bigger difference.

      Those of us who support our local NPR station know about the enthusiasm generated and success of Challenge Grants, so here are three specific challenges:

      1) To Charlie, Dale, and the Board...with an option for the entire Hardrock family--three ways to meet this challenge! I will donate $3.00 for each finisher in this year's run if Charlie, Dale, and the Board each match my donation. This would likely generate between $3,000 and $4,000 for the JZMSF. Alternatively, I will make a matching contribution if eleven other members of the Hardrock family contribute at least $1.00 per finisher. And as a further alternative, if the Board can't generate 100% participation in this challenge, I will donate $3.00 per finisher if the Board absolves itself of any appearance of conflict of interest as far as the "lottery" goes and limits Board member participation in the run to the same percentage as those who aren't on the Board. That is to say that if 700 people entered Hardrock in the hopes of running, and only 140 get to start that means only one in five gets to start. So if the Board has five entrants, rather than all five starting, only one Board member would start. Seems fair...

      2) I noticed in one post that Charlie appealed to those who weren't going to be in the run to donate their entrance fee to the JZMSF. A great idea, but in addition to asking for funding from those who by the very nature of the entry system have less of a chance being in the run, let's also have a specific appeal to those who due to the prejudice of the entry system either have guaranteed or near guaranteed entry into the run. So I will donate an additional $3.00 per finisher if over half of the 35 "experienced" entrants donate at least $1.00 per finisher. I encourage anyone interested to join me in this challenge.

      (Note Challenge #1 and #2 are different challenges)

      The nature of these two challenges will provide the ancillary benefit to finishing runners of knowing that their finish might provide $50, $75, or even $100 to the JZMSF! That in itself might not get someone over Handies, but a little bit of extra motivation can't hurt!!

      3) Planned Giving--I will match gifts up to $20,000. I have been looking on the website and haven't been able to pinpoint the Board Member who coordinates Planned Giving efforts; please advise Hardrock's expert on that one and contact information for him/her. Also, I haven't been able to find the non-profit's financial statements on the website. Please advise where those can be found or post them.

      Please note the deadline for these challenges will be the close of breakfast on Sunday!

      Best of luck to runners, pacers, and volunteers!!!

      Steve Kral
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