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[hr100] FW: snow cover %

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  • Lance Goss
    I had sent this to Greg (personally) earlier today, but since lots of people seem to be sharing information, I thought I d forward my response to the group as
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2000
      I had sent this to Greg (personally) earlier today, but since lots of people
      seem to be sharing information, I thought I'd forward my response to the
      group as well. What I said seems pretty much in line with what Charlie
      said. I must have learned some things last year. Lance Goss

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      From: Lance Goss
      Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2000 1:25 PM
      To: 'loomdog@...'
      Subject: RE: [hr100] snow cover %

      Hi, Greg,

      By now you probably have more input on your question than you ever
      anticipated. Last year was my first attempt at HRH. I was fortunate enough
      to finish in 39:30. My view is only that of a 1-time participant. That
      being said, last year there was not that much snow. There were certainly
      areas such as American Basin near Handies where it was nearly solid, but for
      the most part, snow was not a factor. There was an exciting glissade on the
      north side of Virginius Pass, a big cornice at the top of Oscar's Pass, and
      considerable snow initially going down from there through the Wasatch basin.
      Other than that, not much. I don't wear gaitors and never have in my 26+
      years of running. I wear Thorlo socks and they are excellent in
      water/ice/snow. Bike tights or wind pants can be great for the steep
      glissades, but in the direction we are going this year there probably won't
      be many glissades.
      Hope this helps. Good luck.
      Lance Goss
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      From: Greg Loomis [mailto:loomdog@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2000 12:46 PM
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      Subject: [hr100] snow cover %

      Just curious as to how much (in an average year) of the course is
      snowcovered? What kind of gaitors/socks/pants do people recommend?
      Very inexperianced yet curious guy hear.

      Greg Loomis

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