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    [Happiness! Positivity!! It s WEDNESDAY, yay!!! Gonna stay with brand-new all-of-a-sudden tradition here and today honor someone else I ve recently
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      [Happiness! Positivity!! It's WEDNESDAY, yay!!! Gonna stay with brand-new
      all-of-a-sudden "tradition" here and today honor someone else I've recently
      written in print about: Marcy Schwam. She's, like, totally and also
      completely awesome! And she, like Sue Ellen Trapp last week, doesn't blog,
      or brag, or write much online, but she is (she tells me) on Facebook and
      LinkedIn, and there are quite a few other places in cyberspace where an
      interested reader of ultra history might find her. Here's one place...
      ...and another...
      ...and another...
      ...and, finally, a few of her "box scores" are here:
      And so, Marcy (once called "Marc":-) truly is deserving, furshur furshur, of
      being today's TMIWITW.]

      Similar to Chuck Yeager, she was the first female to break the sound
      barrier. Only she did it on foot.

      At one time she held the 50-mile World Record. Now, in retirement, she can
      truthfully claim the 50-something Galaxy Record.

      No other woman that we know of has ever started out in professional tennis,
      and then given it up to frolic all over those roads outside the stadium

      It's been said that this is like giving up bowling for sex: the balls are
      lighter and you don't have to change your shoes.

      She actually ran the very first-ever Boston Marathon which was officially
      open to women. Most likely she didn't finish first overall and beat all the
      men because she was "just being neighborly"--since she did in fact live just
      up the road in Massachusetts.

      She was also officially registered for that race under a man's name. Since
      no male named "Marc" ever beat her, they thought the bib must be hers.

      Most recently, she kicked butt all over northern Wisconsin, beating
      practically everyone in an intergalactic snowshoe race.

      While living in Europe, she beat everyone there on ice skates--in addition
      to toboggans, snowmobiles, snowboards, big plastic snow saucers, "Rosebud"
      sleds, and snowball fights.

      When she tells you she's "on a mission," she also isn't kidding. And
      Hollywood producers queue up where she works, asking her to star in the next
      "Mission Impossible" sequel, since they have always based their scripts on
      her life.

      She's the hardest rockin' ultramarathoning rock 'n' roller "out there," and
      her exploits are currently being published in the Sept/Oct issue of
      "Marathon & Beyond" magazine.


      "I don't always outkick everyone in the galaxy; but, when I do, I prefer
      they at least spell my name right. Stay missionary, my friends."

      ( 00 )

      See (and hear) some originals:


      Also here:

      [and thanks to UltraJohn Price--himself no stranger to intergalactic foot
      travel--for supplying this instead of that former long and always-broken

      My mark:

      Rich Limacher
      ("your 800-year-old buzz-tweeting always-appreciative lute-plucking French
      song-and-dance man who has yet to this day to play tennis--but has also, of
      course, given up bowling")

      Yankee Folly of the Day:
      Are we all anxiously holding our collective breath in anticipation of our
      crestfallen Prez's upcoming speech? The one nobody will watch or listen to
      because of the conflicting Green Bay Packers' game?
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