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  • The Troubadour
    [And another Happy Positivity Wednesday to alla y all who otherwise feel a tad less than ecstatic. Today we have vast pressing urges to bestow honor and pay
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2011
      [And another Happy Positivity Wednesday to alla y'all who otherwise feel a
      tad less than ecstatic. Today we have vast pressing urges to bestow honor
      and pay homage to yet another heroic ultrarunner from
      back-in-the-not-so-long-ago day. She is Sue Ellen Trapp, THE absolute
      monarch of multidays--or more specifically the 48- and 24-hour timed racing
      events. She's in the Hall of Fame
      (http://www.americanultra.org/halloffame.html) and is, to date, the only one
      from her era to STILL HOLD an Open Road World Record, set way back in
      November 1993. She's not much for bragging, or blogging, but you can find a
      rather current conversation with her here...
      ...despite the site's errors and confusions regarding that World Record; you
      can track down 20 years of her "box scores" here...
      ...and you can check out most all of her cumulative racing records here...
      You may need to click around to find them all, but do yourself a favor and
      click on World, Women's Open, and Women's Masters Records. OMG there's a

      She's been likened to "The Energizer Bunny," except for the fact that the
      animated rabbited base-drum-beating television character wears out long
      before she does.

      Her ultrarunning feats of endurance haven't so much been written in the
      record books in ink as chiseled on monuments in stone. It has been
      universally agreed that no current or future female human being will ever
      break them.

      She's set world records both as a young woman and as a younger woman.
      Several decades of the 20th century came and went in the interim.

      If Superwoman's alter-ego was as a mild-mannered reporter for The Daily
      Planet, she would not be her. If Superwoman's alter-ego was as a
      speed-drilling dentist, she would be.

      She is actually faster than a whizzing tooth drill, more powerful than a
      Medicare payment-in-full, able to leap all illogical recordkeeping in a
      single footrace, and is still capable--even now--of keeping her dual
      citizenship on Planet Krypton.

      Once she thought she had lost a race, but she was wrong. The only runner in
      front of her at the end was the last one she hadn't lapped yet.

      When she excuses herself and tells you she's "gotta fly," she isn't kidding.

      Batman and Robin do not even come close to the "dynamic duo" that she and
      her daughter represent.

      Her fame has fanned not only decades, but centuries, millennia, and epochs.
      Dinosaurs (like Ray Krolewicz, for example) couldn't beat her. And yet she
      hasn't aged a single hour in all that time.

      As recently as last week she was approached by Shape, Glamour, and Oxygen
      magazines to be their cover model. She turned them all down, preferring
      instead just a blurb at the back of her local running club's newsletter.

      Her exploits are now being published in the Sept/Oct issue of "Marathon &
      Beyond" magazine.


      "I don't always outrun Ray the K; but, when I do, I prefer that he sit up in
      his trackside napping lawnchair and take notice. Stay (forever!)
      competitive, my friends."

      ( 00 )

      See (and hear) some originals:


      Also here:

      [and thanks to UltraJohn Price--himself no stranger to the road or
      track--for supplying this instead of that former long and always-broken

      My mark:

      Rich Limacher
      ("your 800-year-old buzz-tweeting always-ogling lute-plucking French
      song-and-dance man who happens to be seven centuries older than even Ray K")

      Yankee Folly of the Day:
      Who knew that Sue Ellen started out in Chi-Town? Certainly not yours
      troubly who, by sluggish comparison, thinks he started life by oozing from
      the bottom of Lake Michigan and has yet to even make it to shore.
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