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  • The Troubadour
    [Happy Positivity Wednesday, y all! Today we have an interesting circumstance: an actual nomination of an ultrarunner by another ultrarunner for whatever
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2011
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      [Happy Positivity Wednesday, y'all! Today we have an interesting
      circumstance: an actual "nomination" of an ultrarunner by another
      ultrarunner for whatever "award" (or other mythic glory) is imagined to be
      had by being a TMIM/WITW. Truthfully, there is no "award" or "glory" other
      than, maybe, folks will read this and appreciate the dude or dudette so
      designated, and then continue merrily on with their usual drab, miserable,
      everyday existence by being a tad happier. :-) They might "whistle a
      happy tune," for example, or be caught on a street-level subway grate and
      feel the uplift. Perhaps they'll tell their friends. Maybe send an email.
      And hopefully y'all'll feel that YOUR usual drab, miserable, everyday life
      is just a smidge more "worth it" for having been exposed to someone,
      portrayed here, whose own life is WAY better than anything you could
      possibly imagine for yourself. Thus today we have Jeffrey Genova, of
      Arkansas, who has been nominated by none other than Sherpa John Lacroix
      (http://www.sherpajohn.com). Sherpa has supplied a number of
      significant--perhaps even heroic--details of Jeff's life, and so y'all's
      task now is to see if you can pluck out the truth from the hyperbole. BTW,
      Jeff--who is for sure today's TMIMITW--has a blog (two in fact), so you can
      also read more about him here...
      ...and here...
      http://photogenova.smugmug.com/. And thanks to Sherpa John! Anyone else
      should also feel free to nominate anyone else!]

      He has consistently been more cheerful than Tweety on Twitter, and has
      spread more joy and happiness than the Publishers Clearinghouse Prize

      He's been known to suddenly drop everything, travel over five hundred miles
      on a moment's notice, and volunteer his services as a crew AND pacer for
      somebody entered in some footrace that's way over his head.

      He has been hailed for having "the gift"--which is best described as
      godlike, because it allows him to resurrect runners from the dead (just like
      Lazarus) so that the runner can finish his long-distance race before being
      besieged, for example, by "ambulance chasing" attorneys.

      Never has a former player of lacrosse--of all things--earned such abiding
      respect as a long-distance runner himself. He's even received homage from
      golfers and bowlers--none of whom have ever heard of lacrosse.

      He is more selfless than the Buddha, or at least the Bubba. He even shares
      his own blogsite. While at Disney World for the marathon, he even shares
      his own brother's house.

      In his home town, let alone home state--which was once governed by the
      Bubba--he works part-time in a running store, coaches runners for free, and
      serves as a race director for one of the most popular ultramarathons in his
      home town, if not his home state. But to the best of anyone's knowledge,
      Bubba Clinton hasn't run it yet.

      He is perhaps the only known ultrarunner to have the presence of mind to
      hobble for miles back to his car, drive home first to take a shower, and
      only THEN proceed to the local Emergency Room to seek treatment for his
      just-broken leg.

      Once he received a skin graft from a cadaver. And in return, the cadaver
      got a box full of Power Gels, a carte blanche offer to be crewed and/or
      paced forever in the future, and a coupon for a free pair of part-time
      running shoes at his store.

      One year, he ran the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run and fell to the
      ground at mile 98 with rhabdomyolysis. He returned the following year
      and--on his way uphill from No Hands Bridge--fell again, broke his ankle,
      and was heartbroken a second time. Still unfazed and undeterred, he is now
      planning to go back for yet another try for a finish.

      He is also the only known runner in history to have outbid EVERYONE on eBay
      to procure a Western States finisher's buckle--dubiously put up for
      auction--and doing it only for the express purpose of returning it, gratis,
      to the WSER race committee where, he felt, it belongs.


      "I don't always have a heartbreak due to injury; but, when I do, I prefer
      having it repaired via cadaver. Stay generous, my friends."

      ( 00 )

      See (and hear) some originals:


      Also here:

      [and thanks to UltraJohn Price--himself no stranger to rising from the
      dead--for supplying this instead of that former long and always-broken

      My mark:

      Rich Limacher
      ("your 800-year-old buzz tweetingly appreciative French lute plucker who has
      yet to resurrect any body, including his own")

      Yankee Folly of the Day:
      So, now we're wondering what Jeff can do to raise the United States' economy
      from the dead.
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