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Real Men/Women of Genius #99

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  • The Troubadour
    Bud Light presents... REAL MEN OF GENIUS {Re-al men of geeeeeene-yuss!} Today we salute you, Mr. Really, Really BAD Bad Joke Friday Listserv Poster.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22, 2011
      Bud Light presents...


      {Re-al men of geeeeeene-yuss!}

      Today we salute you, Mr. Really, Really BAD "Bad Joke Friday" Listserv

      {Waaaaaaaas it some-thing you-saw-in-the-Mennnnnnnnnnnnnn's Roooom?}

      OK, what is it this week: Off-color? Politically incorrect? Slurringly
      racial? Totally insensitive to the international community and/or "peeps"
      of other orientations, faiths, creeds, zeals, shades of skin bronzer, or
      what they wear wrapped around their heads? In an era of al-Qaeda terrorism,
      you're thinking this stuff is funny?

      {"Whaaaat's aaaaaa-nother name for 'goo-berrrrrr'?"}

      Please. If you insist on plaguing us with all this inhumane inhuman
      non-sensitivity, could you please also supply your home address? That way
      no hyperlinks to bomb sites will be forthcoming into *our* Inboxes, and the
      terrorists can save time by delivering their choice weapon of mass
      destruction directly to *your* front door.

      {"A-man-waaaaalks in-to-a-bar-with-a-lit-tle 12-inch-tall pi-an-o

      Go ahead and slam the politicians all you want, but please leave the Dali
      Lama and the rest of his sherpas and llamas out of it. Obama, Palin,
      Hoozissface, and Whatshernoise are all fair game, but, of course, this *is*
      a "family" listserv, and it *is* supposed to be geared towards ultrarunning.

      {"But therrrrre is NOTH-ing funnnnnn-ny a-bouttttttttt

      All of which probably also means that pedophilia; necrophilia; bestiality;
      paranoid schizophrenia, domestic violence; statutory *anything*; child
      pornography; SMBD, MILFs, GILFs, ATMs, LGBT, and tranny humor; as well as
      "her first lesbian experience" are all pretty much topics for some other
      list. Ya think?

      {"Buttttttttttt-I-did-n't-mean aaaaaan-y-thing PER-SON-AL!"}

      So crack open an ice-cold Bud Light once you get your pants zipped up, O
      Larry Flynt of the Liberated Cyberwaves, and settle back down into your
      wheelchair, because once that suspicious brown paper bag lands on your front
      porch all lit up with the cow pie inside? You're going to want to be rested
      up enough to leap out of your seat and stomp the fire out.

      {Mis-terrrrr Re-al-ly, Reeeeeeeeea-lly BAAAAAAAD "Bad Joke Fri-day"
      List-serv Po-sterrrrrrrrrrrr!}

      Bud Light beer: we don't care where they brew it; we just dig their

      ( O_O )

      Yours troubly,

      Rich Limacher
      "your 800-year-old lute-plucking song-and-dance jokester from France who
      once told a bad one--in Latin--to Caesar himself"
      (now on tab at http://www.runrace.net/).

      Book Review:

      Better Resource:

      Yankee Folly of The Day:
      It's too late for "the day." We're now working on follies for "the
      night"--which might soon be reported to us by those yet to finish the
      Vol-State. Ya think?
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