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Re: [hr100] course change?

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  • Rich Limacher
    Aw, hell, Bob... it s just a joke !!! ... [Explanation follows, but, as with every joke, once you ve explained it, you ve killed the humor. Let that serve
    Message 1 of 10 , Mar 9, 2001
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      Aw, hell, Bob... it's just a "joke"!!!


      [Explanation follows, but, as with every joke, once you've
      explained it, you've killed the humor. Let that serve as a
      *CAUTION* and *WARNING*. If you do not wish to subject
      yourself to such unreasonable, long-winded explanation, stop
      reading now. :-]

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      Subject: Re: [hr100] course change?

      > What the hell is this all about?
      > At 09:39 PM 3/7/2001 -0700, you wrote:
      > >Here ?hear? ! Sonny boy;

      Here Ginny is assuming a motherly role. She actually is a
      mother, of course, but not mine. Even though, of course, if
      I were a slightly younger man and genetic engineering had
      progressed (there's that term again) to the point where it
      could be retroactive, I would certainly fix my genes to
      align with hers so as to be biologically possible to be her
      son. And then, dammit, watch out! My ultra finishes would
      dramatically improve!

      > >You is certainly coming of age !

      Here Ginny is referring to my own biological nativity. It
      is usually celebrated, if not on December 25th, then
      certainly March 2.

      > > But I just don't get it, you are suddenly
      > >older than your dear old Ma. How does that work ?

      Here she is indirectly referring to the biological fact that
      she and I were actually born in the very same year. We may
      not, at this point, wish to divulge which year that actually
      was. We'd like you to believe, however, that it might
      possibly have been 1975 or shortly thereafter.

      The "being older than her" refers to our birth months. Mine
      is March and hers is June (I think). Thus, in March of '75
      I burst first upon the grand scene of Post-Vietnam-War
      Enlightenment, and she followed a scant three months later.
      The world has been a better place ever since.

      > > Will I be able to catch
      > > back up in June ?

      Ah, yes. I believe now her birth month is June. And the
      answer to her inquiry is an obvious "yes." This is due to
      modern enlightened accountable society's penchant for
      rounding. In my case, society rounds up, and in her case
      rounds down. Thus, in June, we shall both be 26 years old.

      > > Will you wait for me ?

      Again, obviously, "yes" is the answer.

      > > If I send a letter to a politico ?

      Here Ginny is making a "bribe." She is offering to heed the
      call of myself and others to begin a massive letter-writing
      campaign to various and sundry pseudo-political entities in
      Colorado, and Congress, to try like crazy either to exempt
      or grandfather the Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run from this
      dubiously proposed "Wilderness Study Area" that certain
      pseudo-politico caucuses are proposing to ram down our
      throats. Or, perhaps the cumulative effect of our
      epistolary efforts will result in those cig-smoking fat cats
      pretty much leaving us and the beautiful San Juan Mountain
      Range alone.

      > >I am one of the great procrastinators, but I promise i'll
      do it.

      Here Ginny is reaffirming her good intentions and steeling
      her resolve to undertake a truly Herculean effort on her
      part, and write a little letter. But, of course, she'll do
      it later.

      (C'mon, Ginny, smile! :-)

      > > will I see you at Zane Grey?

      Here she is alluding to the upcoming Zane Grey Highline
      50-mile ultramarathon to be run somewhere in the remote
      canyon wilderness areas of Arizona, obviously already
      successfully grandfathered from any newly-appointed
      pseudo-politicos and their zealous efforts to prevent
      organized fee-collecting events from ever happening again in
      their wild canyons.

      > > Do you remember your ol' ma ?

      Here again, Ginny is alluding to "our little joke." Which,
      by now, WE HOPE YOU ALL "GET"!!!!!!!

      Your badass black sheep of this particular family,

      TheTroubleMaker @ politicalnightmare-dot-com
    • Curiel, Tyler
      Rich, You re killing me.* I need to stop laughing and get back to work. See you at ZG! /TC *WARNING. This is a joke. My actual risk of death from reading your
      Message 2 of 10 , Mar 9, 2001
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        Rich, You're killing me.* I need to stop laughing and get back to work. See
        you at ZG! /TC

        *WARNING. This is a joke. My actual risk of death from reading your post is
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