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  • The Troubadour
    [Hello Everybuddy and Everybunny! Today--once again and despite The Rapture That Wasn t --is another all-happiness Positivity Wednesday; and I need to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2011
      [Hello Everybuddy and Everybunny! Today--once again and despite "The
      Rapture That Wasn't"--is another all-happiness Positivity Wednesday; and I
      need to acknowledge someone whom many or most of you probably won't know,
      but she is awesome. During my own one-and-only successful trans-Tenn
      crossing (called the Vol-State) in 2009, she was the women's overall
      champion. And she beat me by, what, half-a-week? I felt, in her presence,
      like Tweedledum or Tweedledee; so here's a paraphrase of one of 'em's most
      famous quote: "'The time has come,' the walrus said, 'to speak of many
      braves: of the fleet of foot and svelte of health, of footraces and Cyndi
      Graves.'" Thus, Mrs. Graves is my choice today for TMIWITW.
      You can read what you need here:
      And here...
      ...where she's noted as THE overall female master's winner of last year's
      Strolling Jim.]

      She says she's a nurse, but archangel to humanity might be more accurate.
      She's the only known nurse in any event ever who could administer CPR at a
      distance. She often totally resuscitates a fallen victim simply by blowing
      him a kiss.

      She also does Ironman triathlons, where again the air is limited. In
      coastal waters where these events take place, she has been known to also
      resuscitate exhausted dolphins--who were only trying to keep up.

      She might not win every footrace she enters, but before anyone ever passes,
      out of reverence they ask for her permission.

      During that 2009 footrace diagonally across the entire Volunteer State of
      Tennessee, she ran so fast that her own husband--riding either a racing bike
      or a Harley-Davidson--could hardly stay with her.

      When she'd arrive first at the hotel, he would have to check at the desk for
      any messages, the extra room key, and the time for her wake-up call.
      Sometimes she'd be up and gone the next day before he could even get there.

      Those runners who haplessly followed for days afterward would hear from all
      the roadside convenience storekeepers about "that wondrous running lady in
      pink" who "stopped in here for a sandwich" about "six hours before her hubby
      showed up."

      She looked so honest and sweet that none of them ever charged her for the
      food, but waited patiently for the hubby. And they were so impressed with
      how lucky he was that they always gave him a discount.

      He himself wrote up one amazing race report of her Vol-State triumph. You
      could tell he was out of breath when he wrote it

      She's been known to give live birth to full-grown daughters--even a
      quadruped named Bridgette--who also cannot keep up with her.

      Then, too, she has been known to run past Texas zoos and make every single
      animal in the place sit up, take notice, and smile from cheek to jowl.


      "I don't always shock, awe, and amaze; but when I do, I prefer to be passing
      troubadours. Stay Middle Ages, my friends."

      ( 00 )

      See (and hear) some originals:


      Also here:

      [and thanks to UltraJohn Price--our latest Transcontinental champion who
      himself did a DOUBLE Vol-State--for supplying this in place of that former
      long and always-broken hyperlink].

      My mark:

      Rich Limacher
      ("an 800-year-old name-dropper, lute-plucker, and French song-and-dance-man
      whose first cross-state run was for mid-evil liquor").

      Yankee Folly of the Day:
      No folly. In the Juli Aistars' tradition, check out yours troubly's own
      book review of something now to enlighten y'all about The Barkley:
      [And another call for help goes out to UltraJohn, because we have every
      reason to believe that this link, too, will end up broken. :-[
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