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  • The Troubadour
    [Welcome.bak/~sorry2B/absent/4solong-dot-com=edy to Positivity Wednesday! I have no real excuse but I would certainly be remiss if I missed THIS! He IS now
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2011
      [Welcome.bak/~sorry2B/absent/4solong-dot-com=edy to Positivity Wednesday! I
      have no real "excuse" but I would certainly be remiss if I missed THIS! He
      IS now the 10th-ever all-time finisher of The Barkley Marathons, an
      awesomely persevering young talent if ever there was one, and yet...who the
      heck IS Brett Maune? (Besides this week's TMIMITW). Well, for starters, he
      owns a speedhiking trail record:
      Peter Bakwin also wondered and had a question or two about Mr. Maune
      I, yours troubly, tried to find something...like his very own blog or
      website, but could only discover this:
      (And hey, Brett must be a busy guy! He's not updated or posted anything
      recently--like, for about a year?)
      If you're into LinkedIn, you could find him here:
      Within which he states modestly, "I am a staff scientist doing research in
      nanotechnology of sorts."
      (We just love the "of sorts," don't we?)
      SO! HE'S A SCIENTIST!!! Must be enrolled in "The School of Blake Wood"
      (Blake, of Los Alamos Laboratories fame, was once on TV during CBS's "60
      And here is at least one of Brett's theses:
      "Fluidic and polymeric integration and functionalization of optical
      In the abstract of which, we quote:
      "The central theme of this thesis is the investigation of further increasing
      a resonator's functionality through its integration with fluidic and
      polymeric materials." And "The successful fluidic and polymeric integration
      with optical resonators presented in this thesis demonstrates some of the
      possible synergies that can be obtained with such integration and suggests
      that further enhancements in resonator functionality is possible."
      Which today might be translated for us laypersons as follows: "The central
      theme of my life's thesis is doing the impossible. My most recent
      investigation studied further increasing-to-critical-mass a resonator's
      functionality amid thorny complications of a Tennessee jungle with little
      fluid and fewer pollyanna materials. Nevertheless I demonstrated some of
      the possible syns-and-energies that can optically be obtained upon emerging
      from such junglelike immersion, and this now invites further scientific
      inquiry after all the other Alumni get a load of just what in the hell ol'
      Lazzie Lake has up his sleeve next!"]

      It's been said that "he is indeed Jesus," and whoever said that was only
      marginally kidding.

      Not only has he ascended thousands of miles in a matter of hours, rolled
      back capstones from his would-be grave, and inspired a multitude of
      followers; but he has also been miraculously able to transform fluid
      polymers, a couple of loafers, and a few burnt chicken pieces into enough
      whine and fishies to sustain an entire gaggle of banqueting revelers for
      three whole days!

      Similar to "The Apostles' Creed," instead of descending into hell and rising
      on the third day, he is quoted as saying: "I had to concentrate when
      descending stairs so as to not fall down. I was in pretty bad shape." And
      yet, despite the doubts of all disbelievers, he did ascend to the heavenly
      portal of Whitney terminating the John Muir Trail--some 223 non-stop
      miles--in 3 days, 14 hours, and 13 minutes.

      While He watched all this, now seated on His heavenly porcelain throne just
      to the left of St. Peter, Jesus Himself was excited.

      It has also been reported from various pulpits over just this past weekend,
      that the Son of Gawk was even more excited to watch him finish The Barkley

      In less time than it takes most folks to plan and execute time off work for
      a family vacation, he paused all his optical kinda/sorta research in
      nanotechnology, briefly discontinued saving humanity's eyeballs with fluidic
      resonators, hopped on a flight to Eastern Tennessee, showed up at the
      strangest most uniquely juxtaposed vortex of time warpage, meteorological
      cataclysm, and truly the black hole of the galaxy--only to don hiking attire
      and tirelessly hike, for the next half-week, the whole totality of exotic
      ground--starting in the dark no less--otherwise known as "The Barker."

      Some have likened this miracle on a par with The Second Coming. And Going,
      possibly, because he was back at work in his lab practically the very next

      There is on video on some website a "fly-over" of this course he just
      conquered. And it takes longer to watch the video than he took to conquer
      the course.

      During his last night on "trail," an entire forest fire broke out--but even
      that didn't stop him. He simply whipped out his polymer, changed back into
      his waterlogged shoes, took more fluidics, and eased himself right on by the
      conflagrations of damnation.

      In perhaps the understatement of the century, one philosophical gentleman
      who was an eye-witness to all this--by virtue of having raced against him,
      and lost--laid a post on a hotly buzzing listserv, "calling him the
      'analytical executor'--he analyzes the data, develops a plan, and then
      freaking executes it!"

      In DEFINITELY *THE* understatement of the millennium, he himself has posted
      to a slightly different website, saying "I am one masochistic son of a
      bitch. If you go head-to-head with me in a sufferfest your best possible
      outcome is a tie."


      "I don't always end in a tie; but when I do, I prefer to be also back in my
      lab coat after having just kicked your ass. Stay scientific, my friends."

      ( 00 )

      See (and hear) some originals:


      Also here:

      [and thanks to UltraJohn Price--who (speaking of conquering trails
      end-to-end) is now running solo across the whole country--for supplying this
      in place of that former long and always-broken hyperlink]

      My mark:

      Rich Limacher
      ("your also near-miraculous 800-year-old lute-plucking Barkley-DNFing
      song-and-dance man from France").

      Yankee Folly of the Day:
      Brett himself needs to join the Ultralist and repost there what he just now
      posted to allah us Barkers.
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