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  • The Troubadour
    [Hey, once again it s Positivity Wednesday, and how fitting would it be now to honor The Dude (one of em at least) Who Makes It All Happen? I m talking about
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2011
      [Hey, once again it's Positivity Wednesday, and how fitting would it be now
      to honor The Dude (one of 'em at least) Who Makes It All Happen? I'm
      talking about our number one listeruvian: Dave Combs, who was especially
      nominated by Alan Geraldi and John Nevels--who also nominated his "Birthday
      Daemon" as well, whose "bone" I would now like to pick. I mean, what the
      heck is a "daemon" anyway? And how can I get that damned phantasm to STOP
      remembering my freaking nativity? The Limericker household, along with (I
      suspect) The Grinch, no longer wishes to celebrate the Second of March.

      [Neither do I know if Dave keeps a "blog," but most of what we do know is
      cyber-printed--every single day of the year--right here...

      "Happy Birthday!!!
      ... an automatically-generated note from the ULTRA Birthday Daemon ... and
      his keeper
      P.S. You can access the list archives and change your own list subscription
      options on the web at http://listserv.dartmouth.edu/archives/ultra.html
      You can also change your subscription options by sending a
      *** PLAIN-TEXT *** (no HTML, no nice fonts, etc.) message to
      "listserv@..." with a command in the body (subject
      doesn't matter). Some available commands:
      set ultra nomail - turn off mail temporarily
      set ultra mail - turn on mail again, or switch from digests
      to individual messages
      set ultra digest - get a message digest instead of individual messages
      unsubscribe ultra - leave the list
      subscribe ultra <firstname> <lastname>
      (e.g., subscribe ultra Dave Combs)
      - subscribe to ULTRA again if you've left or
      been auto-removed from the list"

      ...which apparently nobody reads, judging from all the "please remove me"
      requests the rest of us always see on "ultra@listserv" instead of

      He (or his cybertronic robot) manages to remember every single one of over
      three thousand birthdays--for the entire diverse membership of a completely
      free listserv that he (and a very few others) created one fine day out of
      the thin non-air of cyberspace.

      His creation now spans the globe--this one as well as several thousand other
      whirleds all whizzing around those phantastic galaxies--and reaches even the
      furthermost recesses of an awful lot of wacky minds.

      He sniffs not, he judges not, he allows equal effluvial flowage to flush
      from every place of privacy, and then splatters it all across the
      unsuspecting monitors of every computer, iPad, and iPhone in the universe.

      He personally has also been known to help out at other uninhabited places in
      the universe--like the barren wasteland of Arid-zona. He volunteers to
      count all the strange creatures (and their laps and possibly other
      bodyparts) that pass through his space during such timed ultra events.

      Sometimes--for those very rare and talented creatures--he's even counted
      well over 300! His computational and mathematical skills are far beyond
      human comprehension, so he never usually bothers to explain them.

      He has a perfect rapport, though, with all the cyborgs, androids, R2D2's,
      and C3PO's that hang around those backlots where most of the world's shaky
      handheld YouTube videos are shot.

      He may not have Hollywood aspirations, but top producers and directors
      always consult with him first--before attempting anything as risky as

      His "rules" for the listserv are sacrosanct, and he wields justice like
      Thor's sledgehammer. In the past, eight out of nine Supreme Court justices
      have been known to seek his counsel before ruling on some of the toughest
      cases of jurisprudence in the United States. His advice is always taken,
      and his opinions are sometimes plagiarized by the majority of those very

      Although he lives on the West Coast, he has been known--with only a few
      keystrokes--to fix computers at Dartmouth, which is on the East Coast.

      And on top of all this, he used to be a terrific ultrarunner himself.


      "I don't always tweak the settings of cyberspace; but when I do, I prefer
      that you reboot before taking effect. Stay with the iPads in your boots, my

      ( 00 )

      See (and hear) some originals:


      Also here:

      [and thanks to UltraJohn Price--who is now doing a "solo run" across the
      entire country--for supplying this in place of that former long and
      always-broken hyperlink]

      My mark:

      Rich Limacher
      ["your friendly neighborly 800-year-old lute-plucking song-and-dance man
      from France"]

      Yankee Folly of the Day:
      It isn't very well known, but our Dave is a cancer survivor. And that, all
      by itself, deserves the status of Yankee Admiration--NOT "folly." So today,
      yes, we Yankees as well as the Rebels all admire Mr. Combs. Rock on, man!
      And your damn "Daemon" too!!
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