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  • The Troubadour
    [OMG! I almost forgot. It s Positivity Wednesday! And I did so want to pay tribute right after the holidays with a companion piece for the lifetime
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      [OMG! I almost forgot. It's Positivity Wednesday! And I did so want to
      pay tribute right after the holidays with a companion piece for the lifetime
      companion of AUA's latest inductee to the Ultrarunning Hall of Fame: Barney
      Klecker's better half Janis, the still-standing American women's record
      holder for fastest road 50K ever! Check it out here...
      ...by clicking on "Women's Records/Open" and see, after ALMOST 30 YEARS (!)
      how they *still* have her name spelled wrong, as follows:
      "DIST TIME ... ATHLETE (CTZN ...) ...
      50 km 3:13:51 ... US Record JANICE KLECKER."
      Friends, it just goes to show ya: ain't nobody payin' attention to these
      totally "modified" Dos Equis commercials any more! But I still hope y'all
      are havin' a Happiness Wednesday anyway! And now without further ado, Mrs.
      Klecker is my own personal inductee to today's TMIWITW. ;-]

      Since nineteen hundred and eighty-three, no woman in America has beaten her
      in a 31+ mile footrace.

      Her all-time record was set 27 years and three weeks ago last Friday.

      Married to yet another still-current record-holder at the time--and to
      further prove her point--she has been thoroughly kicking HIS butt ever

      A footrace she once dominated was held in the nefarious State of Illinois,
      of all places, where former governors run the streets after being impeached
      while awaiting trial, and former governors before that are forced to curtail
      their racing aspirations to just daily jogs around the prison yard.

      Her heretofore south suburban Chi-Town footrace was called "The Scenic
      Ten"--for 10 miles which she won in 1994 in near-record-time of 56:01--and
      even that race's literature has her name SPELLED WRONG!

      She graciously met *the ghostwriter* of this very beer-parody series [not
      the audio narrator that also hosts PBS's "Frontline"] just prior to that
      race while standing in line at the porta-potties. Will Lyman did not give
      up his place in line for her, but *he* did.

      She then proceeded to blow away the field and a few dozen streetside maple
      trees besides.

      Her reputation as a gracious, outstanding athlete is superseded only by her
      reputation as an outstanding mother and citizen of Minnesota, where former
      professional wrestlers are elected governor and now-current United States
      Senators first got their starts in political incorrectness by playing
      complete idiots on "Saturday Night Live."

      Minnesota should have elected her instead--a long, long time ago. Because
      of that failing, Minnesota is still stuck with complete idiots in political

      Once her hubby dared her to beat him in a 50-yard dash to the fridge. She
      appeared to just let him go. Several minutes later he returned
      empty-handed, only to find she had that wonted bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper in
      her hand. She had been there and back already.

      She is The Most Interesting Woman In The World.

      "I don't always replenish my thirst during long runs with soda pop; but when
      I don't, I prefer that my 'worser' half does. ;) Stay married, my friends."

      ( 00 )

      See (and hear) some originals:

      [you'll need to click on 3 "thingies" to establish that you're over age 21

      Also here:

      [if this link is broken, as it seemingly always is, you can copy-and-paste
      it all into your browser]

      And look at THESE!

      [should Don Winkley be next? :-]

      My mark:

      Rich Limacher
      ["your friendly neighborly 800-year-old lute plucker and ale sucker from

      Yankee Folly of the Day:
      I am making it my mission in life to get both the AUA and the now-defunct
      Scenic Ten to learn how to spell my heroines' names correctly!
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