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Re: [hr100] OMG, NO!!! [RE: North Carolina Fat Ass 50k (Moved) (due to a death)]

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  • Bill Losey
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 1, 2011
      The Troubadour <thetroubadour@...> wrote:

      >...just crushes. AGAIN.
      >First: Skopie (Jim Skophammer) and Aaron Goldman
      >Then: Alyssa Skye
      >And THEN: J├╝rgen Ankenbrand
      >And NOW: (my absolute WORST primal fear ever) A RUNNER BEING SHOT AND
      >KILLED by some (pardon the emotion, I'm only opinionating here) toadal
      >dipwad drunken assh*le MF'n HUNTER!!!!
      >Second Amendment...right to bear arms? B*llsh*t!! ...it's time for another
      >Constitutional Convention.
      >[When the Bill of Rights was adopted in, like, 18th century America,
      >citizens really and truly needed guns...to survive! Today, all THAT has
      >changed. Guns are now only needed by our police and military--PERIOD. Guns
      >are no longer needed on the streets, in the 'hood, or in the woods. (I'd
      >suggest bow-and-arrow hunting ONLY.) When WILL this country arise and
      >actually meet the challenges of the times? When WILL we all finally join
      >the 21st century? Excuse the rant, but I am just pissed.]
      >*We* are the running herd, and *they* are just killing us.
      >Rich Limacher
      >PS: Some years ago, when I used to run the HUFF 50K in Indiana--the trail
      >really does go through woods which, along one stretch, actually borders a
      >shooting range--I, and another runner with me, were very nearly shot
      >ourselves by at least one or two stray bullets that cut through trees and
      >leaves not 10 feet above our heads!!!! I hollered out my feeble "protest"
      >and then later complained to the Race Director--and I'm not sure if he
      >thought I was joking--but the race, as far as I know, still continues past
      >that damned free-for-all shooting gallery to this very day. How long do you
      >suppose it will be before one of "us" gets (accidentally, of course)
      >murdered during THAT event?
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      >Sent: Saturday, January 01, 2011 4:28 PM
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      >Subject: North Carolina Fat Ass 50k (Moved)
      >Ultra Folk,
      >Just a heads up that the NC Fat Ass 50K scheduled for tomorrow on the All
      >American Trail has been moved based on an apparent tragic accident.
      >The new location is Reservoir Park in Southern Pines, NC
      >Click attached link for park address:
      >The All American Trail is closed every year from October until 1 January for
      >hunting season, the trail will remain closed based on initial reports that a
      >hunter shot and killed a runner this morning on the trail.
      >We normally celebrate the reopening of the trail on 2 January with the NC
      >Fat Ass 50k, but the trail is roped off with crime scene tape and not many
      >additional details on this tragedy are available.
      >Tragic, simply tragic.
    • juliewestland@juno.com
      Unbelievable! I ll withhold comment until I learn more about it, but a number of us also had concerns during the Wasatch 100 one year when several hunters were
      Message 2 of 3 , Jan 2, 2011
        Unbelievable! I'll withhold comment until I learn more about it, but a
        number of us also had concerns during the Wasatch 100 one year when
        several hunters were shooting very close to the running trail. We called
        out to them to let them know there were a lot of runners on the trail
        that morning but they just yelled back at us -- no doubt unhappy that we
        were invading "their" territory. It was a really unpleasant situation in
        an otherwise beautiful run.

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