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THIS JUST IN... from Barney himself!

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  • The Troubadour
    I done told y all we re buddies ! ( 00 ) V And he s now thanking you all as well, especially if you are (or ever were) a race director. Barney s a class act.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 22 12:29 PM
      I done told y'all we're "buddies"!

      ( 00 )

      And he's now thanking you all as well, especially if you are (or ever were)
      a race director. Barney's a class act. [I keep trying to "goad" him--ha
      ha--into running another ultra, this time with Bruce also toeing the line.
      Unfortunately, Barney's now suffered his career-ending injury; but, hey,
      maybe with a 1/2-mile head start? ;-]



      From: Barney Klecker
      Sent: Wednesday, December 22, 2010 12:46 PM
      To: TheTroubadour@...
      Subject: RE: Hello My Friend, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

      Thank-you my friend! You are right Bruce did beat you to the e-mail news. I
      am very humbled by being inducted. I trust you will let the running
      community and race directors know as we have run many of their races and
      therefore this award represents a little piece of each of these races and
      the great individuals that awarded me a chance to perform. Being a shy farm
      kid from Ellsworth, Wisconsin (and later Reedsburg, Wisconsin); it is a
      great honor to be among the very best EVER in a sport that exemplifies a
      strong work ethic! I know of no runner who accidentally had a world record
      day! Many folks to thank, but my friends and family have always been there
      for me! My wife has been known to kick my butt more than once in her own
      special way.

      Happy Holiday.....Barney Klecker

      From: The Troubadour
      Sent: Wednesday, December 22, 2010 12:00 PM
      To: Barney Klecker
      Subject: Hello My Friend, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

      Hello Barney, good buddy...

      I'm sure you're well aware of "the big news" that has hit the ultrarunning
      world, just announced to us last evening. I wrote to Bruce Fordyce right
      away, and I believe he's beaten me (we'd expect such :-) to the "sending
      you congratulations" department. This is a good thing!

      And so let me add my own sincerest congratulations upon your now being
      inducted into the (wow!) Ultrarunning Hall of Fame!!!!


      All the best to you and the entire Klecker Klan. Merry Christmas and Happy
      New Year!!

      Your friend as ever,

      Rich Limacher


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