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  • The Troubadour
    [What a wonderfully Positive Wednesday, huh? We ve got worldwide attention being paid to that amazing rescue of a whole crew of Chilean miners, while
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13, 2010
      [What a wonderfully Positive Wednesday, huh? We've got worldwide attention
      being paid to that amazing rescue of a whole crew of Chilean miners, while
      comparatively fewer peeps pay much attention to another, kinda/sorta,
      "miner" himself. He deals a LOT with the earth; he's an expert at holding
      it back and keeping it in its place--so it doesn't collapse and destroy
      stuff and kill people--and he has personally clawed his way over, under,
      around, and through tons of it around a certain infamous park in Tennessee.
      He's my not-so-old buddy Joe Kowalski; he's well deserving of being TMIMITW
      today; here are his professional credentials
      and here is, yes, a little movie that his very own son, Ben, once made of an
      astonishing event that also took place in that park:

      [The key to today's relevance about that movie is the ingenious discovery of
      the soundtrack, a bluegrass tune that's oh-so-fitting today because: that
      song is all about mining. Yes, Brushy Mountain Penitentiary (former home of
      James Earl Ray) was at one time in the business of FORCING its prisoners to
      be coal miners. To this very day, if you are unlucky enough to be selected
      as a Barkley runner, you could fall down one of those old "holes" and, in
      the marvelous words of its equally infamous race director, "you won't be
      found until you start to smell."]

      There's never been a better father on, under, inside, holding back, or
      standing next to earth. Adult males around the planet daily inquire of him
      just how he does it. He turns all his children into future Steven

      Steven Spielberg himself once called him up and asked how he does it.

      Boy Scout troops lead monthly pilgrimages to his office door, begging for
      his wisdom and guidance. Girl Scouts every year just give him their

      He has led expeditions into some of the wickedest woods in America and over
      the tops of dozens of forbidding mountains a needless number of times, all
      the while assuring his followers that they were not lost. Yet. And they
      believed him.

      Once he led a small group of one to a place that didn't exist, that was
      located on no map, and from which on one could ever return. That man is
      happily still there, still believing, and posting this message via his cell

      As far as fitness, his strength is capable of holding back half a collapsing
      strip mine--allowing countless retaining wall builders to escape with their
      lives--and his own speed and agility is proven every time he lets go.

      In an awesome gesture of charity and compassion, he has donated enough lush
      hairs off his very own head to carpet all the children's hospitals of Ohio.

      He lives in "The Chili Capital of the World," but doesn't eat the stuff
      himself. He prefers burnt raw chicken. But he's now sending other experts
      from his company who are now helping other starving Chileans eat.

      He is instead a gourmet of Chicago's culinary fare, but he's not talking
      about the pizza. He likes the hot-dogs and karmel-korn.

      And, incredibly enough, he is the very last stalwart Bears' fan that that
      team still retains.

      He is The Most Interesting Man in the World.

      "I don't always retain; but when I do, I prefer to hold back the earth on
      Earth. Stay grounded, my friends."

      ( 00 )

      See (and hear) some originals:


      Also here:


      My mark:

      Rich Limacher
      ["Just another minor 800-year-old French fried lute plucker"]

      Yankee Folly of the Day:
      Joe asked on Friday: "Rich, one question... actually the only relevant
      question: 'Was she hot?'" Joseph, she was sooo dang hot that she's the
      very reason for our planet's molten core.

      The Shell Answer Man will now take an excessively long vacation before
      answering any more silly questions.
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