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Re: [hr100] AI (Artificial Intelligence) & a Special Cancellation Announcement

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  • Jean-Jacques d
    On the other hand, why should anyone in our sport be reduced to the level of starving famine victims or escapees from a burning building, attemptinf to trample
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 8, 2010
      On the other hand, why should anyone in our sport be reduced to the level of starving famine victims or escapees from a burning building, attemptinf to trample over everyone else to get rewarded.  To hell with events whose entry procedures reduce applicants to the level of Macy's opening day specials that contribute to stripping one of any vestige of civility as the participants try to rip products out of the grasp of other's.
      The most civilized model is the Hardrock run, where all entrants can get their application sent to the organization within a window of time, and then the lottery decides.
      Personally, I would no more participate in the sort of "first come, first served at any price" than I would run in front of the bulls at Pamplona.  The theology analysis of AI  is, of course another matter, and The Troubadour is, as usual, excellent in pointing out the various absurdities!

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      Subject: [hr100] AI (Artificial Intelligence) & a Special Cancellation Announcement
      To: "'Ultra List'" <ULTRA@...>
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      Date: Wednesday, September 8, 2010, 2:55 PM


      Earlier today, the following was reported...

      -----Original Message-----
      From: owner-ultra@... On Behalf Of...
      Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2010 11:17 AM
      To: Ultra List
      Subject: Re: ULTRA Digest - 8 Sep 2010 - Special issue (#2010-923)

      hey guys, there was an unauthorized link for the Umstead 100 that appeared
      this morning. We were able to shut it down but 29 people had already
      The 29 people will still get in - I think we got it squared away with
      Active, but we will probably need to contact them for any missing info. The
      remaining slots opened at noon and filled within a few minutes


      ...and *this* is now sullenly wary disturbing.

      On the one hand, apparent "cheaters" are being rewarded for inadvertently
      cheating, but they did NOT in fact "cheat."

      And on the other hand, the (perhaps) whole of ultra-society is being
      damaged, or diminished, or at the very least falling prey to "outside
      influences" which are at once "ugly, wicked, mean, and nasty" without
      actually BEING so; because, really, without ACTUAL ugliness, wickedness,
      meanness, or nastiness lurking behind and driving these things, how can we
      say our society is being victimized?

      Or in other words, is this merely an example of Artificial
      Intelligence--which is now careening out of control?

      WHO put that "unauthorized link" in there?


      Any living breathing human being???


      Was this a process/problem of programming?

      Did, in fact, (while, as it was reported, Active-dot-com hadn't yet opened
      for business and maybe all its principals were still asleep) Active-dot-com
      simply come up with this "2nd link" all on its own?

      Better computer geeks than me already know how--in all this Boolean
      madness--"if this, then that"; "if not this, then not that"; and "if
      such-and-such a condition is satisfied, then so-and-so will then be
      enabled," and so on and so forth, all of which could have ultimately been
      pre-programmed in myriad ways to unleash the cybertronic Apocalypse IF, for
      example, just TWO lowly click-on sign-up hyperlinks that somehow exist for
      the same exact event are inadvertently each activated at precisely the wrong

      It's like that "Murphy's Law" which was conjured to offer this hypothesis
      about programming: "If builders built buildings the way computer
      programmers wrote programs, then the first woodpecker to come along would
      destroy civilization."

      What's disturbing here, IMHO, is that the "29" who were in fact able
      (unwittingly) to capitalize on this glitch and GET IN--are now, in fact,
      being allowed to STAY IN. Which, by definition, reduces the remaining
      legitimate "slots" within the legitimate sign-up venue fully by 29 entries.

      So whose fault is the glitch?

      Nobody's, we suppose.

      And yet, "the glitch" is allowed to stand. "The Glitch" got away with one.
      "The Glitch" has proved deceitful--which, all by itself in most any
      philosophy, automatically ascribes to it some measure of intelligence. Yes,
      "Artificial Intelligence."

      And the ramifications to be extrapolated from this will spell considerable
      problems for our future. Yes? No? Can indeed inanimate computers rise up
      to thwart our lives?

      Can they go awry all by themselves--while their human masters are
      sleeping--so as to generate something entirely different from anything
      whatsoever that their programmers had imagined?

      Can these funky, mo-fuggin' MACHINES rise to such sinister heights that they
      eventually control us???

      We have seen the future, and it is "the glitch."

      But before "The Machines" overrun us completely, I, for one, would welcome a
      little saner humanoid input here. Perhaps... someone "in charge" might just
      consider this one situation as worthy of "do over"? Doesn't even the
      International Olympic Committee occasionally reconsider medals unfairly won,
      and rescind those awards?

      Are we ALL quite ready to just "throw up our hands" and let "The Glitches"
      take over???

      And it is precisely for all these reasons that Today's Positivity
      Wednesday's been cancelled. Or, at least postponed--while "the humans still
      in charge here" take the time to decide whether or not to honor The
      Fantastic Machine rather than another terrific human being.

      Maybe this whole Wednesday concept should be let go in favor of "Moral
      Dilemma Thursdays" instead.

      Yours troubly,

      Rich Limacher

      Yankee Folly of the Day:
      Steven Spielberg had it right. The machines WILL inherit the Earth.

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