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  • The Troubadour
    {This is a no-brainer. And what a wonderful way to re-introduce Positivity Wednesday back into my life... and your Inboxes. (Despite all recent messages
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 21, 2010
      {This is a no-brainer. And what a wonderful way to re-introduce "Positivity
      Wednesday" back into my life... and your Inboxes. (Despite all recent
      messages from various peeps saying, "Take me OFF your G.D. list!!!")

      [This very morning we hear the news: "King Juli the Lean" has just won the
      Vol-State Road Race. She beat frickin' EVERYBODY else--even the male dogs!
      And "she" is doubtless MY, uh, "king" too. She lives just "up the road"
      about 70 miles from where I'm sitting, all agog and aglow, right now. Juli
      Aistars, of Lake Zurich, IL, is now and forever and today--furshur--The Most
      Interesting Woman in the World.]

      She has defied all mathematical probabilities for years. She is the one
      athlete about whom every other "tested" athlete complains: "But she throws
      off 'the curve!'"

      Her most recent achievement has defied all odds--and all odds-makers--on
      this as on all other earths, in all other solar systems, and throughout all
      other galaxies. SHE has, in fact, become a KING.

      Hard leaning in a twist sideways from the waist, she has nevertheless just
      won one of the toughest footraces on this and on all other planets: a
      314-mile odyssey in the blistering heat, kitty-corner across the entire
      State of Tennessee--with a little of Missouri, Kentucky, Alabama, and
      Georgia thrown in for good measure.

      Certain well-known previous "kings of the road"--and math whizzes--have
      tried to supply a formula to explain this leaning as being towards, for
      example, the Möbius Strip. But they cannot do it, because she is the very
      model of propriety. And she keeps her clothes on.

      In other footraces, she has been known to finish before the rest of the
      field has even started.

      Now in her late-thirties, she fools the media every time because they think
      she's still in her twenties. The press has written glowing stories of how
      she routinely beats women half her age, which would put them in high school.
      AND... on the varsity.

      She's been known, on a whim, to journey great distances simply to see--and
      encourage--even friends she barely knows. And afterwards those friends all
      report having been visited by an angel.

      In her other life, she is also famous as an oncology nurse and has issued
      the following blanket threat to all cancer-cell-wannabes: "Don't you DARE
      get started with me!" And they don't.

      Somewhere ages and ages hence, she will finally rest, and say to her
      worshipful throngs amidst those Barkley tents, "I did a footrace once
      requiring great balls, and not having any has made 'all the difference.'"

      She is The Most Interesting Woman in the World.

      "I don't always beat all the men; but when I do, I prefer 'Laz' as my
      witness. Stay unintimidated, my friends."

      ( 00 )

      See (and hear) some originals:


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      My mark:

      Rich Limacher
      ["Ain't no body ever plucks lutes like me"]

      Yankee Folly of the Day:
      Imagine slogging across Georgia at one-mile-an-hour, painfully bent at the
      waist in a 90-degree lean, and winning a 500K footrace because everybody
      else is slower!
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