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Fwd: Hardrock volunteer trail work on July 2 and 5

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  • Steve Pero
    From Rick Trujillo... See you at 8:00 AM tomorrow... Steve ****************************************************************************************** Mina San
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2010
      From Rick Trujillo...

      See you at 8:00 AM tomorrow...


      Mina San Cristobal, Bolivia
      27 June, 2010

      Hardrock Trail Work Volunteers---

      Saludos otra vez from the San Cristobal Zn-Pb-Ag mine, located at
      12,800-14,000 ft elevation in the altiplano, Potosi department, southern
      Bolivia. I am in charge of organizing and overseeing the Hardrock volunteer
      trail work, in congunction with the Ouray Trails Group (Rodger Smith,
      supervisor) and the Uncompahgre National Forest. I have sent this email as
      the official advisory as to where and when to meet for the scheduled July 2
      and 5 work days.

      On Friday, July 2, work will focus on the Bear Creek trail above
      Ouray. We will meet at 8:00 am at the Bear Creek trail head which is located
      at the south side of the tunnel on US 550, 2.5 miles south of Ouray (towards
      Silverton from Ouray). There is plenty of room for parking at this trail
      head. There will be considerable manual labor (digging, shoveling, raking,
      etc.) at various locations on the first 3.0 miles of the trail, especially
      at the "washout" at trail mile 2.75. Hand tools will be supplied. Bring your
      own lunch and beverages, as well as gloves and appropriate clothing for the
      work and the perceived weather of that day (it could be hot and dry, cold
      and wet, in-between???). We will work until the jobs are done, or until
      sometime in mid-afternoon.

      On Monday, July 5, we will do repair work on the Old Twin Peaks
      trail immediately west of Ouray. Even though it is within the town limits,
      there is only limited parking at the Twin Peaks trail head and we must load
      into only a few vehicles. Therefore we will meet at 8:00 am again, this time
      at the "powder house", which is the old state highway department explosive
      magazine and which is now used by the Ouray Trails Group as their storehouse
      for the trail working tools. The powder house is located at the basal
      swithback of the Camp Bird road, a few hundred yards off of US 550. To get
      there from Ouray, head out of town south towards Silverton, turn right at
      the Camp Bird/Box Canyon road junction immediately past the first switchback
      out of town (approximately 0.25 miles out of Ouray), then after about 100
      yards bear left (avoiding entering Box Canyon park). The powder house is
      immediately in front (left side) as the dirt road switchbacks right and
      begins to climb steeply. We will load tools and regroup there for the short
      drive to the Twin Peaks trail head.

      I am scheduled to begin my return to Colorado tomorrow, Monday,
      June 28, and expect to be back in Ouray by late afternoon Wednesday, June
      30. I will be out of touch until then and unless I receive new volunteer
      inquires this will be my last official trail work update. If you know of
      other potential volunteers, spread the word and invite them to the above
      said meeting places. Looking forward to being back home and seeing you on
      July 2.

      As they say here in Bolivia, "Chau hasta entonces"---

      Rick Trujillo

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