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Real Men/Women of Genius #55--Special Edition

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  • The Troubadour
    [Friends, I am NOT supposed to be here--figuratively and, perhaps, literally. I m supposed to be doing The Beer Run. However, this past Wednesday--naught
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2010
      [Friends, I am NOT supposed to be here--figuratively and, perhaps,
      literally. I'm supposed to be doing "The Beer Run." However, this past
      Wednesday--naught but three long exasperating days ago--in fact just after
      having posted my tribute to Scott Jurek--directly above this house roared an
      F1 tornado. Talk about "learning how to dance in the rain"!!! Anyway, that
      helps to explain today's "day late and, so far, 20,000 dollars short," but
      this special edition is dedicated to Paige Troelstrup, who IS running The
      Beer Run and who sweetly suggested half-a-week ago that maybe this Beer Run
      could yield another RM/WoG. Quite the prophetess, eh? So, yeah, this Beer
      Run has in fact upchucked another "inspiration," but certainly NOT in the
      way imagined.]

      Bud Light presents...


      {Re-al men of geeeeeene-yuss}

      Today we salute you, Mr. "The Most Interesting Man in the World" Writer.

      {Mis-ter, "howwwwwww can yooooooooooooou be so up-beat?"}

      "Positivity Wednesdays"? Dude, what kind of surreptitiously grown plantlife
      leaves have YOU been harvesting, compacting, rolling, and smoking? The last
      thing you did "positive" on a Wednesday was pay your real estate taxes.

      {WHOA!! Look out! Therrrrrrrre's a storm commmmm-ming!!!}

      "Learning to dance in the rain," you write? Please. Just how does one
      dance in the driving sideways sleet that fronts the leading climatological
      edge of a class one tornado? You do the "Hokey Pokey" perhaps. You put
      your left leg out and some storm door shears it off; that's what it's all

      {Mayyyyyyyyyyybe it's just "twist-ing a-gain like-we-did-last-sum-mer!"}

      Listen to you. Sitting all high and pompous upstairs in your second floor
      office, transmitting "positive vibes" over the cyberwaves, pretending as if
      any peeps anywhere pay any attention at all to your slack-jawed awe gushed
      over sundry running heroes; meanwhile the storm is vibrating your foundation
      right out of its rivets, big trees are smashing your van roof, and that
      giant redwood is taking down your back porch--which *was* all decked in

      {"We uuuuuuuused to watch Jul-y Fourth fiiiiiiiiiire-works from there!"}

      So it must be payback time from the flora and fauna's union of Park Fricking
      Forest. Big lightning bolts are frying your breaker panels, wind is
      whipping down the power lines, and who-knows-what happened to your
      DSL-activated telephone land line--but meanwhile? That twister just did its
      "dance" right over your roof.

      {How lowwwwwwwww can yoooooooooou go in the Lim-bo?}

      So crack open a lukewarm Bud Light after you clear a path from your stairs
      to your kitchen and that powered-down fridge, Oh Mister Positive Rogers, and
      put on a sweater and change your running shoes, because, really, as far as a
      nice day in the neighborhood goes? This one's about to turn into Red Cross
      Nightmare Village for about the next month and a half.

      {Mis-ter "Theeeeeee Most IIIIIIIn-terrr-res-ting Man-in-the-Worrrrrrld"

      Bud Light beer: we don't care where they brew it; we just dig their

      ( O_O )

      Yours troubly,

      Rich Limacher

      Yankee Folly of the Day:

      It occurs to this Yankee that there may even be some few "peeps" out there
      who HAVEN'T heard the original "pipes":
      .html. Have a nice weekend, everybody--especially those doing Western
      States AND, of course, "The Beer Run."
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