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  • The Troubadour
    [OMG, I forgot! Of course, with my ark-building outdoors temporarily suspended, the entire sky falling, and my basement completely underwater... it is
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2010
      [OMG, I forgot! Of course, with my ark-building outdoors temporarily
      suspended, the entire sky falling, and my basement completely underwater...
      it is sometimes "a challenge" to remember on Wednesdays to be positive.
      Plus, for the past 5 or so weeks, I've been having my own personal plumbing
      roto-rootered by several sweet gal pals who are actually fairly pissed at my
      "sexist" auto-copying of those Dos Equis radio commercials. So, sorry for
      any incontinence this may have caused.

      And, yes, this is late; it's sorta/kinda like "make-up" sex; and it does now
      feature our first---and foremost, for sure---ultrarunning heroine. Her name
      is Ann Trason, and THIS is Positively Wednesday!!!]

      She once was challenged to a footrace by the entire U.S. Army, and finished
      before they blew reveille.

      In one year, she ran major ultramarathons on seven different continents
      within the very same week, and beat all the men. Then, for a cool-down, she
      swam the Pacific back home to California.

      No human on this or any other planet has won more first-places at the
      Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run than she has. A fund is now being
      established to make metal molds of her footprints there, and to fill them
      all within 24 hours with 24-carat gold.

      She has collected course records like trading stamps. Once she even tried
      to give a few to the fastest men, but they knew they were licked.

      One summer, for a lark, she journeyed to the far south suburbs of Chicago
      and forced herself into running something "short." It was a 10K sprint and
      she finished before most of the rest of the people got out of their cars.

      If ever she became injured, medical science would conduct a clinic on "How
      To Heal." Generally, her malady would be cured before the afternoon session
      began. So then she'd invite all the attendees to join her in a fun-run
      around the United States.

      She likes to raise gardens in her backyard, and tend them by hand. Her
      backyard is the size of Canada, of course, but she still never fails to pull
      every weed, prune every plant, and smoosh every bug.

      And the crops she grew while running around the world, were later spread
      around the world---by her very own self. To this day, all the descendants
      of Pheidippides in Greece have survived, because she fed them.

      On the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, she once was clocked at
      three-hundred-and-thirty-five miles... for several hours before the guy with
      the clock even showed up.

      She actually raced Horton to Mars several years ago, and beat him---thereby
      giving her own "clinic" to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
      as to just how to model their solid-fuel rocket.

      She is The Most Interesting Woman in the World.

      "I don't always beat everyone else in the race; but when I do, I prefer it
      to happen on a planet with air. Stay grounded, my friends."

      ( 00 )

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      Rich Limacher
      The TroubleDoer at sbcglobal-dot-net
      ["Your 800-year-old lute plucker from France"]

      Yankee Folly of the Day:
      Somebody please tell Carl Andersen I'm already married! :-)
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