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Fw: bad knee and Stone clinic

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  • Carl & Sally Yates
    Sorry. Meant to put these together. ... From: Carl & Sally Yates To: jack sheridan Date: Sunday, September 17,
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 17, 2000
      Sorry. Meant to put these together.
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      From: Carl & Sally Yates <csyates@...>
      To: jack sheridan <jsheridan@...>
      Date: Sunday, September 17, 2000 3:43 PM
      Subject: Re: bad knee and Stone clinic

      Dear Jack, You can get an awful lot of info from the Stone Clinic website www.stoneclinic.com. I'll keep the HR 100 website apprized of anything worthwhile. Roger Wiegand's brother in law had both knees done. I guess it was the articular cartilage paste graft and was successful. I will be getting a 'new' rt. medial meniscus from a 20yr. old cadaver along with an articular cartilage paste graft on the bottom of my femur (nickle size spot that is worn to the bone). My operation is 10/17, will cost about 12000 and since this clinic has opted out of medicare I get no coverage there but apparently the hospital costs are covered by medicare. I am lucky in that my secondary insurer has said they will cover 70%. The clinic wants half up front when surgery is scheduled,remainder at 30 & 60 days. Kevin Stone MD is the orthopaedic physician for the US Ski Team and is or was for a number of other sport or dance organizations so comes with a pretty good background and has been doing these since 1992 so not experimental. It means 4 wks. on crutches and a lot more rehab that is on his website. I wont know if it is successful for a month or so but a lot depends on following the rehab procedures. I'll let you know. Carl
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      From: jack sheridan <jsheridan@...>
      To: csyates@... <csyates@...>
      Date: Sunday, September 17, 2000 1:17 PM
      Subject: bad knee and Stone clinic

         Dear Carl:
              By way of introduction, a long time running friend, Mike Price, who lives in Utah, emailed me a message wherein you corresponded with one Jim Ballard relative to your condition and the Stone Clinic.  You mentioned the fact that you may be the oldest person to receive this implant.
          As a 25 year ultra runner, I was recently diagnosed as having no cartilage left in my right knee and with the onset of arthritis (I've had three surgeries on the knee and was ready for the fourth, when the orthopedist told me to forget it and take up biking).  I am 62 and really did not want to stop running at this young age.  Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
              Jack Sheridan
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