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  • The Troubadour
    [In continuing with Positively Wednesdays, I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this exaggerated honor than the man in whose memory the race I ve just
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2010
      [In continuing with "Positively Wednesdays," I cannot think of anyone more
      deserving of this exaggerated honor than the man in whose memory the race
      I've just run, the Mississippi Trails 50/50/20, yet endures. Although my
      good friend departed this life in the year 2000, there is nothing that says
      my subjects for this series need to be living. And so it is that I would
      now like to pay tribute to The Man, my friend and hero, who actually did
      once say to me, after I'd given him my PowerBar somewhere out on the trail
      of the Ice Age 50M race in Wisconsin, "Rich, you just saved my life."

      Sadly, however, I didn't.

      He is the late Dr. Carl Touchstone, DDS, and THIS is Positively Wednesday!]

      When he would invent a race, he'd expect EVERYONE to attend his race. And
      when he'd gets calls from the Jackson International Airport that one of his
      attendees can't make the race because his driver's license had expired and
      they won't rent him a car, this race director would fly his own airplane
      from Laurel to Jackson, pick up the stranded attendee, bring him to the
      race, and then return him to Jackson afterwards.

      When he was a racer himself, he could finish 50 miles in seven hours.
      Later, in his largesse as an RD, he would give folks (nearly double that
      time) twelve hours to do the same.

      Instead of making peeps buy tix on Northwest Orient to run Western States,
      he would buy the airline himself, and fly all his friends out there for

      He was known to set his plane "down just over yonder" and run Wisconsin's
      IAT practically every single year of its existence. Afterwards, if you
      needed a ride, he would take you back "over yonder" on a magic carpet, and
      then fly you to wherever you needed to be. Even if you lived in a totally
      foreign country, like Canada!

      If you showed up at his race on your birthday, he'd have a birthday cake at
      the finish line, and direct the choir of finishers and volunteers in a
      rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday To You!"

      After you got home, he'd give you a couple days to let the mud cake and the
      dust settle, then call you on the phone to ask how you liked it and what you
      might suggest to improve it. If he interrupted your workday, he would mail
      a check to your boss to reimburse the company for lost productivity. If you
      were self-employed, he'd send it to you.

      If you showed up on raceday and wondered where to put the parking sticker
      that the National Forest Service had just issued to you, he would take it
      and wing it directly into the nearest trash barrel, saying, "That's where
      you put that, right THERE."

      He'd be the ONE man in the cosmos who actually *could* get nOrm and Helen
      Klein to show up, volunteer, and guest-speak at his pre-race banquet. Then
      the next day, during the monsoons, he'd also be the ONE man that could
      actually GET nOrm to do any work! nOrm and he would then push all the
      rental cars out of the mud so his runners could get out of the woods.

      If anyone throughout the whole South ever had impossibly crooked teeth, he'd
      be the ONE orthodontist who could straighten them.

      In heaven right now, there is a forest, and he is the ONE new race director
      enlisting all the angels to start running 50 miles, and all the archangels
      to volunteer, and all the devils (from down below) to issue the permits,
      sell the parking stickers, and serve as rangers to close down the race
      whenever the monsoons get too heavy, the Good Lord ISN'T willing, and the
      creek DOES rise---to a level somewhere over your head.

      He's been The Most Interesting Man in the World.

      "I don't always need dentistry; but when I do, I prefer the Touchstone
      Touch. Stay smiling, my friends."

      ( 00 )

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