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RE: 50 Miles (i.e., World Record)

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  • The Troubadour
    Hello folks (including Ray the K :)! I am writing ALL THIS up for Marathon & Beyond, so... ...if ya want more (like, as someone just asked, how the hell does
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 14, 2009
      Hello folks (including Ray the K :)!

      I am writing ALL THIS up for "Marathon & Beyond," so...

      ...if ya want more (like, as someone just asked, how the hell does one TRAIN
      for something like this?) you're just gonna have to subscribe. <wink, but
      actually, I'm being very very serious!>

      Here. I can, however, share a few hyperlinks with allah y'all, so as to
      help either fuel the debate or resolve the issues.

      Andy Milroy's [taken as gospel FACT] data concerning ultra world records,
      kept by the AUA:


      Some kinda "distance" and/or "endurance" records recordkeeping website
      (here's where I first researched Bruce's still-standing record):


      And here's your generally basic American ultra records recordkeeping place
      (again the AUA):


      Lastly [thanks, Ray, dammit; you stole my thunder!!!!! ;-] here's a little
      "something" about our very own Ray the K...

      I have in my possession THE souvenir booklet from the "6th Annual AMJA
      Ultramarathon Seminar and Footraces of 50 Miles & 100 Kilometers, October
      13-14, 1984, Chicago, Illinois" which shows, on page 26, the following:



      "100 KILOMETER
      MEN -
      Open 6:38:20* Bernd Heinrich, 41, VT 4 Oct 81
      29 & under 7:11:56 Ray Krolewicz, 27, SC 3 Oct 82"


      "100 MILE ELITE MEN'S RUN (1982 only)
      13:40:27 Kevin Eagleton, 31, MO
      14:14:14 Ray Krolewicz, 27, SC"

      (only one more runner listed after Ray = some cat named Park Barner, 38, PA)


      Guess what?

      # 1) our Ray knows something whereof he speaks! (and speaks, and speaks,
      and speaks... :-)


      # 2) "always the bridesmaid, never the bride," Ray? (in terms of setting
      World, American, and/or Course Records maybe)

      But Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

      Ray the K has actually compiled more ultramarathon outright WINS than
      anybody else in history, or in America, whichever comes first. Fess up,
      Ray? How many wins exactly now????

      Yours troubly,

      Rich Limacher

      [Ray thinks I'm kidding, until my next email is off-list to HIM
      PERSONALLY!!!! ;-]

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      Subject: 50 Miles (i.e., World Record)

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      Greetings Everyone!

      25th Anniversary of the Still-Standing World Record
      for Running the 50-Mile Distance (4:50:51). That record was set on Sunday,
      October 14, 1984, right here (where I approximately live) along Chicago's
      Lakefront during the former AMJA Ultramarathons, and the gentleman holding
      that record is Bruce Fordyce, of South Africa.

      Yours truly,

      Rich Limacher
      Matteson, Illinois USA

      A quick followup to this post. TODAY is the day. Yep, 25 years ago today on
      the shores of Lake Michigan Bruce Fordyce set the still standing WR for 50

      Ray K (impressed then, still impressed)
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