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Survey on 50 Miles (i.e., World Record)

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  • The Troubadour
    Greetings Everyone! [And this is going out to more folks than just members of the referenced listservs, as I m trying to be as extensive and inclusive as
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 17, 2009
      Greetings Everyone!

      [And this is going out to more folks than just members of the referenced
      listservs, as I'm trying to be as extensive and inclusive as possible.]

      Yes, yours truly can be serious sometimes. I appeal to your innate
      curiosity about the sport of ultrarunning, as well as your (presumed)
      pleasure to be derived from possibly seeing your name in print.

      I am currently writing an article for "Marathon & Beyond" magazine [I have
      one in the current issue as well, so you can check out my legitimacy] to
      commemorate next month's 25th Anniversary of the Still-Standing World Record
      for Running the 50-Mile Distance (4:50:51). That record was set on Sunday,
      October 14, 1984, right here (where I approximately live) along Chicago's
      Lakefront during the former AMJA Ultramarathons, and the gentleman holding
      that record is Bruce Fordyce, of South Africa.

      What *this* is, then, is a survey. You are invited to respond even if you
      know nothing of this historic event at all. Or, if you have no interest,
      please simply delete this message. Fair enough?

      If you do respond, PLEASE do that privately, e-mailed only to me at my
      e-address shown below---and NOT cc'd to the entire listserv. In other
      words, please DON'T click "Reply to All." I would also ask you, please, to
      give your full name and geographical location. Thanks!

      This is short. I'm looking for opinions (yours); the specific facts and
      historical accuracy are my responsibility. You could also be contacted
      again (by me) if I need clarification, etc., of whatever you write. Thanks

      QUESTION #1. Were you in attendance at that AMJA event on the day Bruce
      Fordyce set this World Record? And if you were there, were you a runner or
      a spectator?

      QUESTION #2. If you were there, what do you remember about what transpired
      that day?

      QUESTION #3. Were you aware that a new WR was being set? And/or that the
      old one was being broken?
      [Note: the previous 50M WR was held by Minnesota's own Barney

      QUESTION #4. Why do you think Bruce Fordyce's WR has remained unbroken for
      all this time (a full quarter century)?

      QUESTION #5. What are your predictions for the future; that is, how long do
      you think Bruce's WR will stand, and also who do you think has the best
      chances for breaking it?

      That's all there is to it!

      Many thanks in advance for your time and responses, should you care to write

      Yours truly,

      Rich Limacher
      Matteson, Illinois USA
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