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First supplement to "Ultrapeople Magazine"

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  • Rich Limacher
    CARL YATES: Ultraman with Ultraguts And a Great Big Heart Let me tell you how good Carl Yates looks in MY jacket. (!!!) [Guess I d better explain this one.]
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2000
      Ultraman with Ultraguts
      And a Great Big Heart

      Let me tell you how good Carl Yates looks in MY jacket.

      [Guess I'd better explain this one.]

      First of all Carl has a wonderful wife and beautiful
      daughter. Secondly, they were all there at Hardrock this
      year. Only thing was, of course, Carl couldn't run because
      of his knee which he's explained elsewhere. (Like, here.
      Like, yesterday.) So what Carl did instead was stay awake
      most of the time and drive around all over the course and
      lend a hand anywhere he could and cheer on anyone who needed
      it. Or, he'd drive one place and his wife and daughter
      would drive another, or he and his wife, or he and his
      daughter, or, heck, I don't know how many different
      mathematical combinations they all did to help people out.

      But the point is, they were the ones who drove my wife all
      over the place because she was VERY intimidated by the roads
      and terrain to tackle any trips herself. They thus
      performed an outstanding service, of which my wife was the
      direct beneficiary and due to which I was undoubtedly
      encouraged to make it as far as I did. Carl and his family
      therefore have our undying gratitude.

      So, at one point, I lightened my load by emptying stuff out
      of my pack--giving it all to my wife at Grouse Gulch. Next
      thing I know (right, like how 'bout six or eight hours
      later?) I'm coming into the Ouray aid station and there I
      see a man wearing my jacket! (I was so delirious, I had no
      clue. I just thought maybe the man shopped at the same
      store I did, or something.) And actually it was my jacket
      because it was Carl and he was driving the family and my
      wife to Ouray and he had simply forgotten his, so my wife
      let him use mine. And I had NO CLUE what was going on and
      didn't figure this one out until at least a day later when
      it was finally explained to me in great painstaking detail.

      Damn, but he sure looked good in my jacket! And if I
      thought it could possibly have the remotest chance of
      cheering him up, I'd gladly give it back to him to keep.

      But now you read yesterday's post. And tell me this
      first-class ultraman hasn't already cheered himself up, eh?
      He's coming back next year again to help out!

      Now let me observe one more thing. Maybe Carl won't be able
      to run Hardrock anymore (of course he and his family will
      still be there cheering) but you know what? He has given me
      and about umpteen thousand other wannabe Hardrockers
      something of a Herculean example to strive for:

      Carl has finished Hardrock. I haven't.

      (Maybe, now that I think about it, Carl should give me HIS
      jacket to cheer ME up!!! :-)

      Rich Limacher

      [Personal note to Carl: You're not alone, my friend. I
      know several other heroes of mine who have been knocked out
      of further SEVERE runs like this by their doctors' orders.
      It can happen to any of us at any time. A year ago or so I
      met a SUPER runner here locally who now wants to marry one
      of the young female athletes that I helped train to run her
      first marathon. We're talking people who are just barely in
      their 30's. This year the guy is knocked out of competing
      permanently. He's been diagnosed with arthritis!]

      [Thankfully though, last I heard, the marriage is still
      going forward. But of course the bride-to-be is S.O.L.
      She's too fast now to go back to running with me!]
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