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RE: Colorado dreamin'

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  • The Troubadour
    Kewl! I agree w/everbuddy. You CAN do this. Hans-Dieter Weisshaar did it once all by himself (in 02, I think, when the race was cancelled due to FOREST
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2009

      I agree w/everbuddy. You CAN do this.

      Hans-Dieter Weisshaar did it once all by himself (in '02, I think, when the
      race was cancelled due to FOREST FIRES; so, yeah, Hans is crazy. But to the
      best of my knowledge, he didn't get fried. :)

      Peter Bakwin's done it--as a DOUBLE HARDROCK!!! Wow. As I recall, he
      started out 48 hours in advance of the race and circled the tour one way,
      made it (with some hours to spare), and then at race-time he started back
      out with all the runners now running in the opposite direction, AND MADE IT
      again... with hours (many, I think) to spare! Truly (besides Kyle Skagg's
      record, etc.) one of THE greatest feats I've ever heard of!

      And I myself have "been there," and (after lotta failures) "done that." I
      wrote about most of it (as I think Peter did too) and I could send "links"
      to Marathon & Beyond's webpage (containing excerpts) if you, Lisa, or anyone
      else is interested.

      Personally if I were you, I'd simply "take off" one fine day and carry a
      tent and one of those whiz-bang water filters so you could get water [really
      good water! and properly chilled!!] along the course, and don't forget to
      pack some grub. You can get *extremely* (delightfully!) detailed course
      instructions right off the HRH website. And, trust me, those instructions
      are reeeeeeeeeeeeeally easy to follow when, say, compared with the Barkley
      instructions! ( O_O ) There's also a great map available, which I think
      you can buy in town, and DON'T FORGET to register for your "Colorado Hiker's
      Card" which is cheap insurance if, gawd ferbid, Search & Rescue needs to go
      find your lost and calamitous self. ;-)

      And of course Ouray and Telluride are, like, Tourist Mecca... so you could
      probably find a motel.

      Tell you what. There ARE lotsa places that are FLAT where you can in fact
      pitch a tent (unlike what someone said) and here's proof: You'll find lots
      and lots of old mining ruins along the way, and one such (above Ouray) has
      this gigantic cylindrical rusty old boiler lying on its side, and in all
      these years---it has yet to roll down the hill!

      Now ask yourself when you see it: How the HECK did those old miners get all
      this junk UP here???

      And then temper your possible condemnations of modern pollution with
      knowledge that, hey, our ancestors weren't any better.

      Have a great time!!

      Yours troubly,

      Rich Limacher

      Yankee Folly of the Day:
      Can you imagine the level of selfishness that could possibly condemn course
      markings as "junk"??? Take a look at what's happening in the San Juans:
      those terrific course trailmarkers are currently very carefully planting all
      those flags AND, starting right after the race start, more volunteers will
      begin immediately to pull them all up and haul them all down. You haven't
      lived until you're the last runner in the race, and realize that the next
      person behind you is literally taking away your course!!
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