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Re: [hr100] More Hardrock Course Conditions

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  • Andy Hewat
    Charlie, that usual snowbank on Giant-Little Dives seemed rather impassable to me. It is protruding out a fair way and I wasn t game to try it. Not sure if
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 25, 2009
      Charlie, that usual snowbank on Giant-Little Dives seemed rather impassable to me. It is protruding out a fair way and I wasn't game to try it. Not sure if Rick used any gear but as a flatlander I am impressed that he didn't find it an obstacle.
      There is way less snow than last year on the Little Giant side.

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      I just read Ben Woodbeck's fine description of sections of the

      Hardrock course that he's been on in the past few days. Ben's photos

      really give the idea of what it's like out there. I had just talked

      to Rick Hodges who has been in Silverton for a week or two running the

      course. I'll add a few comments Rick provided:

      1. Little Giant to Cunningham has the usual snow/ice field at the

      traverse. It's melting and Rick had little trouble getting over it.

      2. Cunninghan to Maggie is passable. There is the usual snowbank on

      the divide above Buffalo Boy. It's serious now but melting.

      3. Maggie to Pole Creek. No problem with a few snow fields. Melting fast.

      4. Grouse to Burrows Park. Pretty much what Ben described in

      American Basin. (Ben's photo tells a lot more that the proverbial 100

      words.) Rick reported mostly continuous snow up from American Basin

      past Sloan Lake to the switchbacks below Handies. Handies has the

      snow cornice on the north side descent into Grizzly Gulch but Rick had

      no trouble there. Rick thinks there will be snow left there on run

      day. The trail is pretty much clear from the Handies Ridge down to


      5. Bear Creek to Putnam. Trail is open to tree line. There is a lot

      of snow in upper Putnam but melting.

      Based on Rick's and Ben's reports, I think we will have a pretty much

      average snow year on the Hardrock course up high. The lower

      elevations will probably be dryer than average.

      Who else has been out?


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