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Hardrock Course Conditions

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  • Rodger A Wrublik
    Fellow Hardrockers, It s Snowing in Silverton...again! If I didn t know better, I d say it was still winter, not spring. We currently have snow falling, again,
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 10, 2009
      Fellow Hardrockers,

      It's Snowing in Silverton...again!

      If I didn't know better, I'd say it was still winter, not spring. We
      currently have snow falling, again, and it's absolutely beautiful!

      In the last week, I've been out three times and all three times, I've
      encountered a snow storm while hiking. Just yesterday, I went up Grant Swamp
      and if it wasn't for the fact that I brought crampons and an ice ax, I would
      have had to turn back. It was nothing but a sheet of ice from tree line, all
      the way to the top of the pass. On the other side of the pass, if I hadn't
      known where to look, I wouldn't have even known that Island Lake existed.
      There's still lots of snow out there but I'm sure it'll all be gone in a few
      weeks...that is, if it ever stops snowing! ;-)

      Little Giant still has a cornice at the top, but a group of three made it
      over just fine a few days ago.

      Green Mountain is easy to navigate all the way up to Buffalo Boy Ridge. As
      usual, there's still a cornice on the ridge, but not a problem to get around

      Cinnamon Pass is open

      Handies looks really good but you still need snowshoes or crampons going
      through American Basin, depending on the temperature

      Engineers is good all of the way to the top and down into Oauray

      I've been told that Camp Bird road is good all of the way up to Governors
      Basin but there's still a ton of snow on Virginius

      Looking up at Oscars, there's still a lot of snow on the upper switchbacks

      As I mentioned earlier, Grant Swamp still has a lot of snow and ice but it
      doesn't seem to be very deep

      I haven't been over Putman, yet, but Jamil and I will be doing that soon and
      while we're at it, will put a rope across Mineral Creek.


      Silverton, Colorado

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