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Nolan's 14 training runs

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  • Matt Mahoney
    Today I almost climbed Long s Peak, which would have been 6 14 ers in 6 days after coming from sea level. Long s is not on the Nolans course, but I m staying a
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 27, 2000
      Today I almost climbed Long's Peak, which would have
      been 6 14'ers in 6 days after coming from sea level.
      Long's is not on the Nolans course, but I'm staying a
      friend's house in Golden and his two teenage sons
      wanted to go and it was conveniently close. I know
      the mountain, having climbed both the Keyhole route
      and the north face.

      Anyway we turned back 100 feet from the summit. It's
      not that I minded climbing the Homestretch (200 ft. of
      40 deg. rock face) in a snowstorm, it was the
      lightning striking the summit at 2 minute intervals.
      One bolt was close enough that I felt a static
      discharge through the top of my hat at the instant of
      the explosion.

      When we climbed the Trough (several hundred vertical
      feet of class 3 scramble), much of the rock was coated
      with a thin sheet of ice. When we descended, the ice
      had melted, but there was 2 inches of fresh powder.
      This provided better traction than I thought it would
      on the narrow exposed ledges on the Keyhole route,
      even wearing just running shoes. We had clear skies
      up to the Keyhole (13,000 ft), but you know how the
      weather is in the mountains.

      I heard a rumor from another hiker that a climber had
      died on this mountain yesterday from a 1000 foot fall.
      Anyone hear about this?

      -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@...

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