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Jim Lewin update

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  • Dale Garland
    Let s try this again! I guess Yahoo doesn t like attachments! The idea behind CBS4 s Pay it Forward Colorado project is to give $1,000 to a Coloradan (or group
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 17, 2008
      Let's try this again! I guess Yahoo doesn't like attachments!

      The idea behind CBS4's Pay it Forward Colorado project is to give
      to a Coloradan (or group of Coloradans) who will use the money to
      someone else's life. Below lies CBS4's Dec. 11 report.

      LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) - The downtown lights of Littleton sparkle.
      what drew the Lewin family out on a cold, frosty night.

      As the family was walking back to their car, Jim Lewin looked up just
      time to see a truck barreling toward them. In that instant instinct
      over; Lewin shoved the stroller carrying his 12-day-old daughter out of
      the way and he took the brunt of the accident.

      "He's breathing on his own, so he's assisting the ventilator," said
      Lewin, Jim's wife of 41-years.

      Lewin has been in the hospital since the night of the accident. He's in
      critical condition. Carol watches and waits for the small signs that
      husband is making progress. She looks to her newborn granddaughter Sara
      for inspiration.

      "If we can help others it takes the focus off our pain," said Nancy

      From across town, Derosier, a CBS4 viewer, saw Lewin's story and was
      touched by his act of heroism. Derosier is still grieving the loss of
      own son. Brett was 28 when he was killed in a plane crash 3 years ago.

      "I believe there are two ways of grieving -- holding it in or seeing
      situations that people need more help than you do," Derosier said.

      Derosier's Lakewood home is filled with angels. She believes there is
      angel named Brett that is guiding her to reach out to the Lewins.

      "I'd like to do this in Brett's honor and in memory of him," Derosier

      She's asked to pay it forward to the Lewins, who see her as an angel,
      Two families who are struggling this holiday season are finding
      in one another.

      And now the Lewin family is anxious to Pay It Forward to someone else
      they get through this crisis.
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