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Re: [hr100] John Cappis' accident

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  • Whit Rambach
    Thanks Blake. I ll send a nice card w/positive and optimistic tones. He s a tough ol goat and will pull through okay. Whit ... [Non-text portions of this
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 24 11:25 AM
      Thanks Blake. I'll send a nice card w/positive and optimistic tones.
      He's a tough ol' goat and will pull through okay.


      > As some of you have heard, John Cappis was seriously banged up (many
      > broken bones) in an auto accident in California on September 12, and
      > then suffered a stroke while he was still in the hospital on September
      > 18.
      > Currently, John is out of intensive care and is alert and
      > communicating non-verbally, but still cannot speak nor move the right
      > side of his body. It is too early to assess John's recovery prospects.
      > Charlie Thorn is getting updates on his condition every day or two,
      > and we will be posting them to
      > http://www.run100s.com/HR/Cappis_status.html.
      > Note that John's family would prefer NOT to get phone calls, but
      > would be happy to pass along cards and letters to John in the
      > hospital. The mailing address is on the website above.
      > BTW, for the time being, we've chosen to keep this within the
      > "Hardrock family" and not post it to the Ultralist, as John was not a
      > member of that list.
      > Please keep John in your prayers and join us in wishing him a speedy
      > and complete recovery.
      > - Blake

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