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2008 Update

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  • Dale Garland
    Greetings 2008 Hardrockers! We’re looking forward to seeing all of you in shortly! Here’s a quick update on the 2008 Hardrock. a. Course marking will be
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2008
      Greetings 2008 Hardrockers!

      We’re looking forward to seeing all of you in shortly! Here’s a quick update
      on the 2008 Hardrock.

      a. Course marking will be held as planned. For those who are returning, you
      know that the course marking crews leave from Charlie Thorn’s house according
      to the schedule in the runners manual (available on our website
      (run100s.com/HR). The Hardrock is happy to have “adopted” Handies Peak as part
      of the Colorado 14er’s Initiative. Handies Peak work weekend will be July 5
      and 6. Currently the work parties for Handies are full but we may need some
      help hauling equipment to our radio repeater sites along the course. We will
      use Charlie Thorn’s house and the course marking network to get the word out
      what is needed and when.
      b. For those who want to monitor the progress of Hardrock via the web, we will
      once again be doing Hardrock Live, which will allow someone to track your
      progress. All your friends and family need to do is go to “hardrock100.com”
      and click on “Hardrock Live”. We will also have wi-fi available in the gym for
      your convenience.
      c. As always, the Hardrock 100 Precision Marching Team will be featured in the
      Silverton 4th of July Parade. No coordination or special skills are necessary;
      in fact they may prove to be a determent. If you haven’t been in Silverton
      over the 4th of July you need to make plans to be there. If you have, then you
      know what I mean.
      d. Karl King and Succeed Sports drink have generously donated their product
      for this years run. We will be using them as our official energy replacement
      drink at all aid stations.
      e. This year’s finishers print has been designed by Hardrock finisher and
      painter Deb Pero. It is dedicated to Chuck Kroger and the view from Kroger’s
      Canteen. I would love to give away 140 copies of her work on Sunday!
      f. As in the past we will hold our awards breakfast at 9 a.m. on Sunday at the
      Silverton School Gym. This is open and free to all Hardrock runners, their
      crews and our volunteers. We do ask that if you are planning on bringing more
      than 2 people with you that you consider making a donation to help us defray
      the cost of our meal.
      g. You all will receive a complimentary map at runners check in. If you would
      like to outline the course on your map, the course outline is available on
      line under the “course maps” section. We will also have an outlined map
      available to copy at the run.
      h. The snow. While we won’t know exactly how much snow is on the course during
      the run we can safely predict that it will be more than in the past couple of
      years. You can expect significant snow in areas such as American Basin,
      Wasatch Basin, Virginius Pass. More information will be made available during
      course marking and at the runners briefings prior to the run.
      i. Runner manuals- We apologize for not getting those of you who wanted a hard
      copy of the runners manual a copy. The entire manual is available on line at
      run100s.com/HR. If you would like a copy for posterity or for another reason
      please let us know and we will make one available to you.
      j. A special note to crews. Due to the increased numbers of runners we have
      decided to make Chapman Gulch a NON CREW aid station. That means that the
      first time you will be able to see your crew will be in Telluride. Please plan
      your run and your support accordingly.

      Dale Garland hardrock100@...
      RD, Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run 970.259.3693

      If you have any of these items cluttering up your closets or garage and would
      like to get rid of them we can use them:

      Ø Blankets
      Ø Camping Chairs
      Ø Flat screen monitors (any size) for Run Headquarters
      Ø Lap top computers (minimum specs: 500 Mhz processor, 256 M memory, 5G hard
      drive, network capable)-For processing runner results
      Ø Folding Cots
      Ø Old camp cookware
      Ø Camp lanterns

      The Hardrock Hundred will purchase a hiking permit for each of you. We do this
      in case we have to conduct a search/rescue or do a medical evacuation. Hiking
      permits will be available the 2 weeks before the run at the Silverton Visitors
      Center. They will also be available for pick up during runner check in.
      Permits for pacers and crews will be available for $3
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