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Re: [hr100] Grouse to Cunningham...Trail conditions

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  • james varner
    thanks for the detailed report rodger can t wait to see you and everyone in silverton! james
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 23 5:02 PM
      thanks for the detailed report rodger

      can't wait to see you and everyone in silverton!


      --- On Mon, 6/23/08, Nardini Manor <nardinimanor@...> wrote:

      > From: Nardini Manor <nardinimanor@...>
      > Subject: [hr100] Grouse to Cunningham...Trail conditions
      > To: hr100@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Monday, June 23, 2008, 5:22 PM
      > Hello Hardrockers,
      > Earlier in the week, I went from Cunningham to Maggie and
      > back and only had
      > to use crampons on one occasion. Granted, I post-holed a
      > lot more than I
      > would have, had I taken the time to put the snowshoes on
      > that I lugged along
      > (for nothing). The surprising thing is that the snow is
      > much firmer, this
      > year, than I've ever seen it. The majority of the snow
      > was so hard packed;
      > there was no real need for crampons or snowshoes, at all.
      > The only place
      > that was really difficult was the cornice that's always
      > slow to melt, just
      > outside of Maggie. I ended up taking a different route
      > around it.
      > Yesterday, I went from Grouse to Maggie and things are
      > definitely different
      > from the other years that I've seen. It made for a
      > longer day than I had
      > expected but things went really well, and like others have
      > said - it's
      > melting really fast. American Basin still has a ton of snow
      > and I could only
      > see about 10% of the trail up until about 1000 feet below
      > Handies Peak.
      > Because of all the snow, I had to use crampons through the
      > entire basin
      > area, up until about 1000 feet from the top. The good news
      > is; this section
      > looks about the same as it looked last year (just three
      > weeks out) and it
      > all melted just fine. On the other side of Handies,
      > conditions were great!
      > ;-/ There's so much snow, all you have to do is just
      > sit down and enjoy the
      > ride. Just a few minutes over Handies, there was a nice
      > little thunder storm
      > and a dusting of snow. A nice reminder of how quickly
      > things can change!
      > After the initial descent, there are still a lot of snow
      > fields and some
      > were so soft that I finally had to put the snowshoes on.
      > And even with the
      > snowshoes on, I was post-holing at least a foot with each
      > step. Once down
      > into the main drainage of Grizzly, everything was really
      > nice.
      > From the main drainage in Grizzly and all of the way to
      > Sherman, things were
      > fantastic. There are a few downed trees (I counted eight),
      > going up Cataract
      > but nothing bad. Towards the top of Cataract and all the
      > way to Pole Creek,
      > there are quite a few snowfields, but nothing so bad you
      > can't get through.
      > The surprising thing here was the water in the drainages.
      > They were going so
      > fast and furious; I actually had to go downstream on a
      > couple of occasions
      > to get across safely (it didn't help that I had to
      > carry my dog across). I'm
      > sure the water levels will slow down soon.or at least I
      > hope they will! From
      > Pole Creek to Maggie, there's a ton of mud and I
      > actually sunk all the ways
      > to my knees on a couple of occasions. And of course, there
      > are still some
      > good sized snowfields to navigate as you approach the
      > saddle, just before
      > Maggie.
      > I was also lucky enough to see my first mountain lion in
      > the wild (in the
      > Green Mountain drainage) and then another as I was leaving
      > Cunningham Gulch
      > on the road, diving into the brush. What a sight!
      > If anyone is interested in pictures (I didn't catch one
      > of the mountain
      > lion.sorry), feel free to contact me off list at:
      > nardinimanor@...
      > Rodger Wrublik
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