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Re: [hr100] Hardrock Snow Rpt/SPECIAL REQUEST

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  • Charles T. Thorn
    Rich, Thanks for the concern. No, the house ain t ganja! You re correct about reading the snow chart and not being able to infer dry conditions for Hardrock.
    Message 1 of 2 , May 30, 2000

      Thanks for the concern. No, the house ain't ganja!

      You're correct about reading the snow chart and not being able to infer dry
      conditions for Hardrock. I made my statement based on other information,
      some gathered first hand. The snow load this year is dreadfully low all
      across the San Juans. The last month has seen very warm temperatures that
      have melted the snow very fast. And, I've been up there. There is just
      not a lot of snow for this time of year and the creeks are running very

      So, unless there is significant snow between now and July, I believe this
      will be the driest running of Hardrock so far.

      I'll see you up there.


      >Hey Charlie:
      >1) Thank "Ja" your house ain't ganja!
      > (i.e., smoke)
      > (e.g., Jamaica)
      >2) (That was supposed to be "sort of a joke" but, seriously,
      >I'm sure I and EVERYONE ELSE on this and all other lists are
      >extremely grateful you suffered no horrible damage during
      >the recent firestorm. Including, I suppose, the
      >ultrainsurance adjusters' listserv too. :)
      >3) What? Am I the only idiot out here that looks at your
      >chart and can't for the life of me figure out why you say
      >this year's snowpack is so low? You are charting 165.5
      >cumulative inches through May 1st, right? In the history of
      >the race, THAT total--among all the deep totals for this
      >date--is in FOURTH PLACE! Only the years 92-93, 94-95, and
      >96-97 had more snow!!!
      >What am I not understanding here?
      >According to the chart, there's more white stuff out there
      >now than there was at this time last year! And last year
      >damn near killed me!!!!
      >(i.e., bloody chutes)
      >(e.g. "Jamaican Olympic Bobsled Team" w/o bobsled)
      >(Sorry. I guess I'm overreacting. Again.)
      >Keep reading...
      >----- Original Message -----
      >From: Charles T. Thorn <thorn@...>
      >> Further, May has been extremely
      >> dry so far. Snowpack across the San Juans is well below
      >> Unofficial Seasonal Snowfall in Inches
      >> Silverton, CO, Elevation 9320
      >> Year Dec1 Jan1 Feb1 Mar1 Apr1 May1
      >> 91-92 51.75 66.25 76.25 91.25 124.75 131.25
      >> 92-93 39.5 64 140 228 249 265
      >> 93-94 22 34 44.5 80 89
      >128.5 130.5
      >> 94-95 71 85.5 115 147 207.5 224
      >> 95-96 21 34 77 105.5 121
      >133 133
      >> 96-97 48.5 78 132.5 153 160 178
      >> 97-98 30 49 71.5 84.5 125
      >144.5 150
      >> 98-99 46.1 62 89.6 102.4 114.2 159
      >> 99-00 3.0 18.1 42.5 83.2 152.4
      >> ----------------------------------------------------------
      >And now... for my "SPECIAL REQUEST":
      >Do you or anyone else on this special Hardrock list know of
      >someone in the National Forest Service that I could contact
      >to supervise my newly hatched plan for "trail work"? This
      >is a REQUIREMENT for entry into the Wasatch Front 100 (in
      >and which must be completed by August 1st. Last summer in
      >Silverton, as you'll doubtless recall, you and I spent a day
      >with a chainsaw clearing blow-downs from the Ice Lake Trail.
      >(Also, ahem, you're now internationally famous for that
      >feat, via publication in "Marathon & Beyond" magazine!!!)
      >Well, my thought was to try to do this again this summer,
      >Charlie, in and around the Hardrock trails near
      >Silverton--only this time get credit for it! Meaning: I
      >need some official with the National Forest Service to sign
      >my Wasatch trail work completion form. (And,
      >correspondingly, lower my federal taxes.)
      >Could you or anybody help put me in touch with somebody? My
      >thinking is that the HRH needs to secure a permit every year
      >from the NFS (isn't most of it run in
      >the San Juan National Forest?) and so you--or
      >somebody--probably know quite a few ranger/bosses who might
      >be willing to check my work and sign my form.
      >What they can do for my big overgrown pile of taxes is
      >anybody's guess. (Ah, maybe authorize an "intentional
      >Your troubadour,
      >Rich Limacher
      >Under-Assistant Apprentice Chainsaw Handler
      >Under the Stupefying Wisdom of the Foresters Guild
      >Find long lost high school friends:
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