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Re: [hr100] Los Alamos

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  • Carl & Sally Yates
    Thanks for the information Ginny. Glad to hear they are OK. Carl ... From: RLAFORME@LA-TIERRA.com To: hr100@egroups.com
    Message 1 of 2 , May 14, 2000
      Thanks for the information Ginny. Glad to hear they are OK. Carl
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      Date: Saturday, May 13, 2000 8:39 AM
      Subject: [hr100] Los Alamos

      >Hi All
      >According to the damage list and video and personal reports : Charlie's,
      >Aaron's,Dave Scudder's, Kris Kern's, Blake Wood's, Richard Hughes' , John
      >Cappis's houses are all intact. Don't know about Bob Reedy and several
      >other ultra runners.
      >Very sadly the home of veteran ultra runner Dick Opsahl and his wife Judy
      >was one of the first to go. Dick and Judy are keeping busy as the " night
      >watchmen" at the shelter for evacuees in Pojoaque. I will go talk to them
      >this morning to see if there is anything we can do to help.
      > Steve Patillo lives apprx 20 to 30 M WSW of Los Alamos and his home is
      >perfectly safe for now,as are we, so far , although the smoke has been
      >terrible until the wind shift today.The wind is supposed to shift towards
      >the north today and then back towards th NE on Sun, ( towards me ).The
      >temps today have been cooler and the winds calmer, with more of the same
      >expected. We are breathing smoke again and objects just feet away are
      >hazy.The labs continue to reassure us that there is no radiation
      >The fire is now listed at 33,000 acres. It is spreading east to within 4to5
      >M( or 3 M, depending on which source you believe) of White Rock on the East
      >and past Puye into the Santa Clara Canyon on the North. They say no new
      >structures burning in LA or the labs.
      >My daughters house is right at the mouth of Santa Clara canyon ( confluence
      >W/ the Rio Grande ), but she lives on the "good side of the street" ( that
      >is what saved Charlies house ). I really don't expect the fire to come down
      >so far, it would take a totally un anticipated change in the winds to cause
      >that, We are not really very worried, but our beautiful forrests and the
      >trails we train on are being progressively destroyed. It is very hard to
      >take, but fire is a natural process and they will eventually become renewed
      >( not sure how different the new vegetation will be )
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