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I think we owe more than thanks... [was: Thanks for a great run!]

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  • TheTroubadour
    Friends, I m surprised no one has mentioned anything... (and I surely do hope I m not out of line here, but I can t help it because Dale is a friend and I do
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2006

      I'm surprised no one has mentioned anything... (and I surely do hope I'm not
      out of line here, but I can't help it because Dale is a friend and I do
      stuff like this for my friends)...

      ...I was thinking all along it was common knowledge among Hardrockers
      following this past weekend... but maybe not.

      My wife and I met Dale in the Durango Airport Monday evening. He was on his
      way to Omaha, NE. His father-in-law had passed away during our Run on

      Maybe he really and truly did NOT tell anyone, and maybe he wanted it that
      way... but...

      ...to my way of thinking...

      ...the very very least we all could and (I think) should do...

      ...is send a sympathy card, yes?

      We all, after all, at the "Pot Lick" signed one for Jim Sweatt regarding his
      father's passing (which is why Jim suddenly had to leave Silverton after
      having just arrived maybe one day before). So anyway, I think we should
      also extend the same sympathy, and courtesy, and heartfelt appreciation to
      Dale himself.

      We'd be pretty lost without him, don't you think?

      Anyway, he is our friend, and his father-in-law, by extension, is our
      patriarch as well.

      I never met him, but I miss him...

      ...because my friend Dale misses him...

      ...and I'd like my friend to know...

      ...his friends...

      ...grieve at his side...

      ...right along with him.

      Let's do the right thing.

      Carolyn? Andrea? Does somebody on the HRH Board have a postal address to
      which we can mail cards and condolences???


      Rich Limacher

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      From: "Dale Garland" <hardrock100@...>
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      Sent: Monday, July 17, 2006 4:35 PM
      Subject: [hr100] Thanks for a great run!

      > On behalf of the entire Hardrock Hundred staff I would just like to
      > thanks to all of you for spending time in the San Juans and making this
      > run so successful. For those of you who weren't there, we had more
      > than we ever had before (81), our first 70 year old finisher (John
      DeWalt), no
      > major emergencies or lost runners and a great atmosphere.
      > I have talked with many of our volunteers and they have been so
      > impressed with how appreciative and friendly all of the runners are. I
      > had a chance to visit with many of the merchants and shop owners in
      > and they echoed that sentiment. The town of Silverton loves the Hardrock!
      > For those interested, the 2007 Hardrock will be run in the counter
      > wise direction starting on July 13th, 2007!
      > Happy trails!
      > Dale Garland
      > Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run
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